Want to be a good leader? Here’s how.


A good leader is the core of a team, and of a business. A good leader is one, who acts like the glue that holds everyone together, and whom everyone respects for the person he is, and not out of fear. To achieve great milestones in life, it’s important everyone inculcates in themselves, these qualities that would take them ahead in life, and make them a good leader.

  • Integrity- You might have a team, but are you a team person? It’s very important for a good leader to be working as part of the team itself, and not some authoritative boss. This also leaves a good impression on the employees/teammates, and they begin to immediately like you as a leader. Moreover, any venture is successful, only if the entire team, inclusive of the leader work together towards one common goal.
  • Commitment- Now that you’re the leader, all you have to do is sit and pass orders right? Wrong. You cannot just give up once you’ve given everyone the tasks. As a leader, you need to work harder towards the goal, not only because it inspires others to work equally hard but also because as a leader it’s your responsibility to make sure the goals are achieved by the team. Commitment, is expected of a good leader.
  • Trust- A good leader needs to trust his employees/teammates. He/she needs to realize that trusting the team members, shows strength, and also helps in division of labour. Moreover, once the teammates start trusting the leader too, it becomes easier to achieve the goals, as well as mutual respect is developed.
  • Patience- It’s important for a good leader to be patient and calm with his teammates/employees. A good leader cannot just lose his calm when things go wrong. Instead, a good leader stays calm and positive, comes up with more innovative solutions, and keeps inspiring others to keep on working. Losing his/her temper, makes the teammates sceptical about their leader.
  • Decisiveness- Sometimes, situations demand a leader to take decisions at the click of a finger. A good leader, cannot let go of a possible opportunity, and grabs it immediately by taking quick decisions. Moreover, he/she is also willing to take responsibility of the possible consequences of his/her decisions.

These are few of the many things that make for a good leader. And we’re sure you can start with these, on your journey to being a good leader.

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