5 Best Late Night Snacks That Won’t Let You Gain Weight

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Whenever we promise ourselves that we will have healthy eating habits and would have an early dinner, we get stuck at one important juncture. As the clock races to mid-night, our hunger pangs also increase their speed and intensity, and we are either left with an empty stomach or if we eat, we mostly end up eating heavy foods, like the pastries and chocolate chip cookies and then our diets go haywire. But, do you know there actually are some mid-night snacks that won’t make you gain weight and you can sleep with a healthy smile. Take a look at these options and next time, don’t go to bed with an empty tummy.

1. Almonds

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Almonds are well-known as one of the healthiest nuts, and they make for a perfect late-night snack which can be eaten before hitting the bed. Just an ounce of almonds can give you around 160 calories and 6 grams of protein, which can make you feel full for the rest of the night and you won’t feel the need to munch on something else.

2. Carrots

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Carrots are amazing because they make us feel fuller quickly; in fact carrots make us lose weight. This sweet root vegetable also has antioxidants, which are really good for your skin. So basically, carrots are good your waistline as well as your skin. What else do you need in a late night snack? We surely love it.

3. Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is a very nice option, which will again not let you gain weight. You can even mix almonds in it, for a great mid-night snack.

4. Blueberries

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One cup of blueberries will give you 80 calories and 4 grams of protein, and the best part is that it has a high amount of antioxidants, which will make your skin glow. Now, who doesn’t want that?

5. Banana with nut butter

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You can satisfy your late-night sugar cravings with this fruit, which will also give you nutrients such as  vitamin A, vitamin C and B6, and also magnesium and iron. You can combine a medium sized banana with a tablespoon of nut butter and you will be filled with carbohydrates, fibre, protein and fat in just the right amounts. In fact, bananas also contain melatonin, which also helps you sleep better.

You can chose from any of the options and be happy before going to bed, that you don’t have an empty stomach, and you will also not gain weight.