5 habits you should adopt for a healthy life.

Reading Time: 3 minutes


You’ve sure heard the popular saying, “Health is wealth.” But how often have you treated your health like it’s an asset, a valuable one which once lost can be fairly difficult to bring back?

Doesn’t it often so happen that when you fall ill you remember how health is always taken for until illness strikes.  But who are we to really blame? Our hectic lifestyles and hustle, while we struggle to make ends meet, makes it difficult for us to keep up with major do’s and don’ts.

Keeping your busy lifestyle in mind, we decided to enlist 5 habits you should adopt for a healthy life.

  1. Sip warm water as you wake up: After you’re done with your morning routine i.e checking your phone upon waking up (we do the same), washing your face, brushing your teeth and so on, make sure the first thing you sip is a glass of warm water. To make the warm water therapy even effective, add honey and lemon to it. When you sip this magical drink first thing in the morning it cleanses your palette keeping it free of any unwanted acids, which improves your digestive system, clears a sore throat and did we mention the golden takeaway? It reduces belly fat! So if you’re trying to fit in a lehenga or your old jeans, you know what’s a good start.
  1. Workout for at least 7 minutes in a day: We understand going to the gym or taking up a fitness session may not be extremely practical given your busy schedule but how about indulging in a simple workout that takes mere 7 minutes of your day’s time? The trick is to work out every body part to keep those muscles, metabolism active and strengthen our immunity . Our sedentary desk lifestyles often slow down our metabolism rate thus resulting into fat and at the same time a lower immunity making us less capable of fighting a disease.
  1. 2 hourly breaks for the body and mind: Whether you work out of a desk or a bean bag, it is essential for you to get up every two hours, walk away from the screen and possibly stroll outside. This not only helps you from your straining your eyes out, but also lets your neck and back relax after spending long hours positioned towards the screen. And mentally, it does wonders that you can experience only if you try this. On your busy days, if you can’t step out for a stroll, make sure you get away from the screen every two hours, a 5 minute break is all we’re suggesting.
  1. Go easy on caffeine: It’s popularly known that caffeine addiction is stronger and even worse than drug addiction. On an everyday basis, we’re so engrossed with work that we lose the count of teas and coffees we’ve sipped since the start of the day. Now caffeine may bring you instant energy but excess of caffeine comes with a list of side effects too. Substitute your multiple caffeine breaks with coconut water, apple cider or fruit juices. If you want to avoid excess calories, you can try cutting down on the number of caffeine breaks you take.
  1. Say goodbye to technology 30 minutes before you sleep: We understand at the end of a day’s hard work you want to unwind in a good chat, social media browsing or watching a movie or series. Go ahead and celebrate your me time with technology but remember to keep your phone, laptop or any screen aside 30 minutes before  you sleep. Reason? Your eyes need time away from the screen’s brightness to adjust to the darkness.

 Try these 5 healthy habits for a month and see the difference for yourself. You can thank us later!