5 measures to help mailing list and Instagram followers grow organically.

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Reaching to several people online is essential to take your business higher, and more importantly, getting your users engaged with your content helps to reap the best harvest. Email marketing and social media marketing are two aspects of digital marketing now, and in this article, we will discuss ways to build your email marketing list and Instagram followers organically.

5 measures to help mailing list and Instagram followers grow organically.

Building mail list organically

1. Using scroll triggered boxes
There has been a lot of discussion going on about the controversy of using pop-up boxes or light boxes to collect the email IDs and personal data of users. The reason why it becomes a controversy is that this technique is used so badly by marketers that it frustrates the users when it is overtly shoved onto the readers’ whenever they access a web page.

This approach may end up in becoming very intrusive and counted as spammy. Instead of this, the latest approach is to use scroll triggered boxes, which appear once when the user scrolls down to a significant portion of the page as 50% or more. This shows that the user is specifically interested in what you are offering and at that time, a data collection form can be popped up to get personal info.

2. Using Facebook email signup
Email signups have been there for a while on Facebook; however, this was limited mainly to capture the data of your fans who profoundly engage with your content. Now, you can take the Facebook signup to go further by using the data capture form. The difference in using these forms is that they get pre-populated with the user information people already shared with Facebook, so they need not have to fill in all the details again. They will just have to click on the submit button to share the same with you.

Unlike user-filled forms, Facebook email signup forms may contain the most accurate data as gender, age, location, job, and personal interests, etc.

3. Run contents
Facebook and Instagram work as an excellent platform to host some competitions and contests, which is an excellent source of collecting email IDs. There are many options to collect email IDs to build your list like running a hashtag campaign on Instagram or running a contest on Facebook.

If you have a more substantial following, then it is also advisable to host a competition on your site or landing page. You can feature this on the home page or social media page in order to popularize. There are tons of applications if in case you are running short of contest ideas so as to build one which is relevant to your business and industry.

4. Get it done offline too
Most of the marketers focus only on collecting email ID and personal data online; however, the offline collection can also be effective. If you run a business, think of all people you contact on a daily basis who could be your potential customers. You can think of smart ways to collect their details and get them added to your listing.

The best source of collecting information offline is trade shows and events. You can fix a scanning machine to scan the visitor badge or business card to gather more information.

5. Maintain a preference center
Once after the initial collection of enough emails to be added into your listing, it is essential to maintain a preference center which will allow your mail recipients to edit their details or add their preferences to get more specific mail alerts. They may also set the frequency of getting emails or may ultimately unsubscribe from the mailing list. By maintaining a preference center, you are being identified as a more reputable and reliable brand by the users.

Getting more Instagram followers
With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is now the No.1 choice of marketers looking forward to more innovative digital marketing avenues. For business marketers, a more significant Instagram following means more engagement and sales. But, how can someone get thousands of genuine Instagram followers? Here, we will discuss some smart tips to get more followers on Instagram organically.

1. Like others’ photos too
You may be spending hours on social media marketing or to buy real Instagram likes. It can also be worth if you spend some time in identifying other’s posts in your niche, which you can like.  The suggestion is to like around 5 to 10 photos on someone else’s account, which will help to make them more loyal to your brand. This will also help spread your name and make it easier for others to find you. To find users in your niche, follow hashtags or follow back your followers. However, don’t be spammy by overdoing it.

2. Follow a theme
If you are successful in building a network, then people will undoubtedly start noticing you. So, it is essential to give them something uniquely noticeable to identify you. Creating a unique theme for yourself on Instagram is vital. Once if you stick to a theme by identifying it as successful, try hard to always stick to it.

3. Run contests
We discussed this in the first part as a tool to gather e-mail IDs. The same can also help you on Instagram to get more followers. If you have something to give away to users, run a contest and make it more engaging. It may be gift coupons or a special offer, running an engaging Instagram contest will make your followers share the news with others too and get it spread naturally. You can ask them to post photos featuring your products under a specific hashtag or so.

4. Socialize well
Always respond to comments and queries on your posts. Also, try to answer queries from the followers and be up to date on the Instagram activities. Getting personal responses and support through Instagram itself will make the users feel you are a more professional and prompt service provider. Also, try to put in genuine comments about user postings.

5. Link Instagram account to other networks
This will help your followers on Instagram to easily recognize you on other platforms as well. However, it is essential to follow unique theme and concept across the platforms to maintain brand consistency.
Overall, it is all about thinking out of the box if you want to succeed in online marketing. Planning well with trial and error strategies in case of e-mail marketing or social media campaigns definitely leads to success.