5 places India’s entrepreneurs should definitely be heading to this August

In the start-up world, one can never predict when one learns something to learn. Constant technological evolutions and fresher ideas are always in steady flow, and in the rush for greater financial backing, spaces in the spotlight or just one last push for some unicorn to take off, such discussions are invaluable. Similarly, a variety of different platforms holds such discussions or summits every year so that India’s aspiring entrepreneurs can access avenues and attain success.

Discussions, exhibits, networking are key gains from these events. Entrepreneurs from across the country travel widely trying to gain the best from the summits or events. If not networking, one could find even a sponsor for themselves during such a summit.

During the month of August, here are 5 major events trying to give Indian entrepreneurs a platform they deserve.

The August Fest

The August Fest Banner

The August Fest Banner

Calling itself, proudly and correctly, Asia’s largest start-up festival this will take place in Mumbai and Hyderabad during August. The festival is an occasion not to be missed, around 9600 participants joining the festival in 2016 from over 20 nations; such a scope could make and break any start-up! With speakers from a range of startups, it’s a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs.

It will be held on the 19th and 20th and on the 26th and 27th of August in Mumbai and Hyderabad, respectively.

MSME DF Startup Fest-2017

msme                                                                      MSME DF Startup Fest Banner

The MSME DF Startup fest will be held in Delhi between the 24th and 26th of August. It is a fest held so that the government’s policies can be introduced to any unknowing entrepreneurs. This fest is a fantastic event which brings together government bodies, start-ups and investors. Every participant receives a great opportunity to build, expand and strengthen networks for raw materials, partnerships, and rest of the avenues as well. International delegations and embassies of friendly countries shall participate as well.

i5 Summit ’17


i5 Summit ’17 Banner

i5 summit, conducted by IIM Indore is primarily to raise funds for budding entrepreneurs’ start-ups. Its flagship event ‘Get funded’ is designed to have a scope for on the spot funding for the aspiring unicorns participating.

Not only does this event connect Entrepreneurs with Industrialists it provides inspirations as well! Sessions of panel discussions, ‘Chai pe Charcha’ among others will provide opportunities to even personally connect the participants with industrialists.

To be held in the IIM Indore campus, it would be conducted on the 19th and 20th of August.

eChai Demo Day


Insight from a Demo Day by eChai

eChai is a start-up social network allowing an expansive networking. Under which, Bi-Monthly meetings are held and start-ups could pitch themselves to investors. It allows networking among the entrepreneurs creating expanses of knowledge on the global trends and other things.

The network takes a meagre sum of Rs. 500/- to become members and 8-10 members can present during one demo.

It shall be conducted in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar on the 26th of August.

Next BIG Idea contest

                                                                                 Next Big Idea Contest Banner

The Next Big Idea Context is quite unique in its approach. Not only does the contest give the individuals motivation, networks, exposure but also an opportunity to get an entry into North American markets. Panel discussions and workshops will be conducted on the day of the event while later winners are going to be announced. Those winners will be given an all-expense paid trip to Toronto for 2-weeks where through an incubator they will be given international exposure, networking and so on.

Winners of the contest are chosen on how technologically advanced candidates are and on how much potential they can have.

The event will be held in Pune on the 24th of August.

So, it seems there is a lot in store for budding industrialists in the country for the month of August. Guidance, mentorship and incubating programs are galore and there will be a lot of activity during this period in the Start-Up world without any doubt!