5 quick ways to boost your promotion scale on YouTube

YouTube a platform where millions of young entrepreneurs find a way to demonstrate their expertise, goods, spread brand awareness and promote events. This can effectively be done by adopting a proper strategy for digital marketing, media functioning, video marketing and so on.

5 quick ways to boost your promotion scale on YouTube

YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, with crores of viewers and thousands of contestants, fighting and aiming toward carving a niche in the world of start-ups and new brands.

Here are some suggestions and ways as to how one can make their YouTube channel more attractive and gripping, increase their customer base and succeed in their brand promotions.

1. Optimize your channel

I am sure all the entrepreneurs struggling to promote their brands and startups are aware of the dire need of producing quality content in order to attract more viewers and make it up to the search engine searches.

Thus, below are certain ways through which it can be done:

Keywords: the users must remember that the keywords are key to optimization of your content, one must insert as many keywords as possible in their titles, file names, description tags, annotations and all the relevant fields in your file.

One can also aim to create a keyword rich playlist giving the youtubers enlightening information about your brand, channel, and ideas.

Titles: the title of the video should be catchy but at the same time simple, a very creative and highly metaphorical one can have a reciprocal effect, as it decreases its chances in making it to the search engine and deviated from the main purpose of the video.

2. Creation of the content

: One must decide certain things before proceeding to the execution of the video; the audience that one wants to target- whether it is for the youth or the older generation, type of the video- whether it is tutorial, an entertainment source or wants to target the active youth talking about various political issues.

All such minute things count in the overall execution of the video.

Execution: the overall execution of the video majorly contributes to its success, the usage of interesting thumbnails, proper video resolution from one slide to another, ensuring that the content of the video fits the slides well, deciding it beforehand whether the video would be shot or edited from the existing data; makes the video more comprehensive.

3. Logo revelation

logo indeed is the most crucial part of the video, in fact, of any business, brand or startup, it is the identity maker and marker for the brand, thus, has to be up to the mark, filled with creativity, keywords, symbolism and attractive layout.

Another feature is its revelation on the screen, which leaves a permanent imprint on the viewer’s mind, the tune added to its background and the way it unfolds in front of the audience, is what marks it worth.

Like till now, we sing and remember the logo revelations of various popular brands like Amul, Cadbury and so on.

4. Promotion

The next step after the execution of the video, is its healthy promotion for which one must adopt advanced strategies like:

Virtual brand ambassadors: make some videos with the celebrities of YouTube and social media, engross their presence in your channel, ensure that they like your content and brand; due to which the media traffic from their channels would be directed to yours also, the choice of the celebrity id the choice of their fans, thus, a move to make them the face of your brand promotion can really help you gain more viewers.

Cross promotion: one must become an active social media user by liking and commenting on other’s videos and channel, you can divert the attention of other YouTubers on to your channel as well.

It is a clear win situation, if they like the content you earn yourself more followers and subscriptions and even if they don’t at least our viewer base is increasing and it is making its identity in this social media world.

5. Connectivity with viewers

Q and A: routine rounds of interaction in the form of question answers, can help you keep the readers engaged, it helps you give a face to your brand and a sense of live entity in this virtual brand, boosting connectivity, trust building and faith in your channel.

Live chats: One can carry out a live session with the viewers, by informing them in prior, taking their suggestions for the content to be taken up, complaints redressal and so on.

Face to face bonding with the viewers is a marvelous way of increasing your followers and fan base as you successfully establish a lively bond with them and associate them to your work in a better gripping manner.

6. Incentivize

 Another effective way of keeping your users connected to the channel, you must incentivize them at various occasions. Come up with strategies to offer them small gifts or discounts on your brand, on every subscription they add to your channel, or maybe any promotion activity they carry out for your channel.

This would duly help you- firstly, in keeping the already made viewer base intact and connected to your channel and secondly, it would pave way for new viewers for your channels.

Summarizing the above-mentioned facts, it can be inferred that a channel can not be a simple binge work material but a whole lot of planning and preparation has to go in before accepting good results.

For any further questions, leave your comments in the comment section we will be happy to address them. Any suggestion, feedback is warmly welcomed.