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Manage and Monitor your work on the go with these 8 apps every entrepreneur must have!

Have you ever thought of becoming a successful entrepreneur? A successful entrepreneur needs to think differently from an ordinary person. Alert, conscious, never ending running of thoughts inside your brain and developing amazing ideas are essentials to be one.

A successful entrepreneur requires a strategy, the mindset of a person to think like a successful entrepreneur is very important. You also need to go for ideas that make your work time efficient and less messy.

ppAdvanced technology has changed employees’ work habits, the management of their daily goals and the way they accomplish tasks. 

As an entrepreneur you need to conduct research, streamline collaboration, increase communication, account your wares, reach your well wishers, log your time and keep track of your accounts, to mention its just a few. How the heck will you do it all?


Well, there are apps to assist you and make your work easier and time efficient, here are few apps that an entrepreneur must have :


  • Evernote – is the easiest and simplest way to handle contracts or other agreements on the fly as it lets you view and sign without visiting the office.It eliminates the burden of needing to print, sign and scan a document to be sent back. You can use your fingertip to sign any PDF file and forward it to the necessary party.
  • Dropbox – is an awesome app for remotely storing your documents, photos, videos and other files. You can edit documents within the app and access your files anywhere in the cloud. You can easily share your files with team members or clients from multiple devices.Easy accessibility and the ultimate shareability of files with a beautiful user interface is great feature of Dropbox.
  • Quora – Quora is answer to your every question, day to day interaction and every possible answer to your question is Quora, it also gives a lot of different perspectives on any query you have regarding anything.
  • Twitter – Every business owner knows that entrepreneurs are more successful when they lean on one another for support.One important tool is Twitter to lean support on, which has a huge community of entrepreneurs and leadership experts offering their expertise.
  • Slack-Slack only offers relevant content and interaction between members. It reduces noise and spam as it contains only relevant content. Some helpful communities to join for entrepreneurs are People, Launch, creative tribes, Designer Hangout, etc.
  • HelloSign– HelloSign is a cloud based electronic signature tool that helps you to sign, fill out, send, retrieve and save documents paperlessly and enables you to do your important work efficiently.
  • Trello – is a collaboration tool that organizes user’s projects into lists, boards and cards so you can prioritize work and life in a better manner. At an instance you can see what’s being worked on by whom, where and working on what in the process of a project.It can include work assignments, family chores or travel in project management and make it efficient and enjoyable.
  • Goibibo – Being an entrepreneur you may need to take up flights, busses, anytime. Goibibo is an awesome trip maker that arranges your hotel room, flight tickets, busses, orders best food only at a click at cheaper price, adding discount and Gocash.It makes your journey less hectic and does work on your behalf quickly. No need to exhaust yourself for things other than your work.


These 8 apps are helpful in making your life efficient. Being an entrepreneur it is important that you keep yourself arranged and time efficient.