A five-step guide to succeed as a makeup artist

How often is it that you see a makeup tutorial come up on your Instagram or Facebook feed while surfing through the social media sites? Almost all the time. The numbers of makeup artists are leaping forward in the recent time which has made it very difficult for a makeup artist who is just starting out, to compete with others and thus succeed. Both the clients and the artists are looking for some very important answers.

A five-step guide to succeed as a makeup artist

While the customers are looking for the answer to the question ‘How to identify good makeup artists from the pool of the rising number’, the artists are looking for an answer to the question ‘How to compete and make sure that they become the answer to the consumers’ question’. I answer that question here. I am going to write about some sure-fire tips to success for a makeup artist who is new to the market.

Develop a Powerful USP

A unique selling Proposition (USP) is a unique service that you offer to your customers which no one else does. The first and the most important step to success is developing a USP. You must already know about the importance of developing a USP but it is extremely important to make sure to not only develop a USP but a powerful one. I would like to stress on how important it is that your USP is powerful but before that, I would like to define a ‘powerful’ USP. A powerful USP is not only that one quality or service that makes you unique but also that quality or service that makes the consumers seek for more. A powerful USP is that quality or service that makes the consumers recommend your services to their family and friends. A powerful USP can do wonders in a makeup artist’s voyage of becoming successful. A powerful USP makes sure that the clients remember the artist and their services and turn back to them when need arises. Thus is it extremely important to find and develop that one quality or service.

Build a strong online presence

After identifying and developing a powerful USP, the next step is to advertise that well. One of the best ways to do that is building a strong online presence. It must become your motto in life to make your presence felt on online and social media sites. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is very often that we find ourselves coming across makeup tutorials while browsing through social media sites. You should make sure that it is your name and videos that are popping up on people’s feeds. In today time, a person spends more than 126 minutes on an average on social media in a day. Building a strong online presence has become a key to success for all the emerging entrepreneurs and startup owners. An online presence can make you reach people beyond your geographical limits. For example, uploading videos and photos actively on social media sites can be of great help. A question that might come up is that how to make sure you stand out in the plethora of already existing e-commerce and digital presence of makeup and beauty artists? That is a very important question. How to create online presence gives tips on how to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Collaborate with bloggers and influencers

Having a strong online presence can help you tremendously with this significant step. On the other hand, collaborating with bloggers and influencers can be a way to build a strong online presence. It is a two-way street! It is not uncommon anymore for someone to become an online or social media influencer overnight. Collaborating with bloggers and such influencers from the makeup and beauty industry can be exponentially beneficial for a beginner. The bloggers and influencers can help you with advertising your services. There are many successful bloggers and influencers that are followed by thousands of people. Collaborating with such influencers will include them recommending your services to their plethora of followers and thus adding to your clients and followers.

Be ethical and go an extra mile for your clients

Who doesn’t like to feel special? A customer is more likely to demand your services again if they are made to feel important and special the first time. Just a little extra effort while providing your service to a client can help you gain goodwill. Sometimes even little acts that require minimal efforts but make a client feel that you care about them, can make them your recurring and loyal customer. But it is very important to make sure everything you do is within the ethical bounds. No one likes an unethical act or person. Unethical activities can seriously affect an artist’s reputation. Thus, as a makeup artist you should walk that extra mile for your clients but be within the ethical line.

Build emotional connects with your clients

Last but one of the most important steps is to build a personal connection with clients. A makeup artist’s job does not end with just delivering a product. It is a much more personalized job. It involves spending a lot of time with your clients, sometimes even hours. When you spend hours with your clients you are bound to converse. While availing a makeup artist’s service, a person trusts the artist with their appearance and appearance is the very first thing others notice about a person. Thus, to make your clients trust you, it is important to build an emotional connection with them. This can be done by sharing personal stories with your clients. Another way is to share with your clients about your techniques with your clients as and when you proceed.

Being a makeup artist in today’s time might be easy with an increased number of opportunities to learn professionally. But becoming a successful makeup artist in this competitive time seems difficult. I can’t stress how important online presence and developing a USP is to ensure success in this field. This five-step guide to success of a makeup artist is the best way to make sure you succeed if you are a makeup artist. It all now depends on how well you follow it!