Aaliyah Pirzada: Student of Law to Successful Make-up Artist

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We have many times come across the advice of listening to what our heart and guts say. How many times have you followed what your instincts directed you towards and felt satisfied with your decision? Is it better to do what your mind practically shows you the way towards or is it okay to follow what your instincts lead you to?

Aaliyah at work
Make-up by Aaliyah Pirzada

Such was certainly ‘NOT’ the dilemma of Aaliyah Pirzada. Aaliyah was a student of law, while obviously, that was practically a very safe thing pursue, suddenly one day Aaliyah’s impulse urged her to become a professional makeup artist and without batting an eyelid, she followed her instincts to become a successful makeup artist.

She started by taking up a 2 month long professional course in the subject. Makeup was an escape for her to another world, the magical world when everything else around was taking a fall in the pit of negativity. It wasn’t long after, that she began conquering her way to establish “MAKEUP BY AALIYAH PIRZADA” (MUA).

Bridal Siders
Bridal Siders

Aaliyah is now based out of Surat, Gujarat and works as a freelance makeup artist catering to a variety of makeup and styling needs. While she respects the senior artists in her field, she never looks at them with the eye of competition because her biggest competition is Aaliyah Pirzada. She believes that her distinctive strokes on each clients face are what set her apart from everyone. As much as she loves makeup she thinks that natural looks are the way to go.

Certainly the journey was not easy, it never is. Dealing with people who are judgmental, who have no trust in you, who see your life as a ‘masala’ news to gossip and who look down upon you, and yet rising out of that to establish oneself is not easy. Aaliyah faced such problems but she chose to look on the bright side and rose to where she is with the support of her close ones.

Her problems did not douse her passion and now she aspires to take up masters in makeup from abroad. A fun fact though, she is also a law student, a comparer, a content writer and obviously a makeup artist all at once. Her curiosity makes her dream big and her perseverance make her achieve those aspirations.

Make-up by Aaliyah Pirzada
Make-up by Aaliyah Pirzada

What she thinks is the best feeling about being an entrepreneur is being able to attain independence and satisfaction in all spheres of life. And when asked about her advice to the budding entrepreneurs out there, she said My only message to who whoever is reading this and has even a small idea to start up a new venture, just trust your instincts and go ahead. Give your best. Its okay if you fail; maybe you were opening a door which wasn’t yours but never give up and find your door and you will create miracles. Never underestimate yourself and your dreams. Dreams are achievable, strive and make it happen. Believe that you can, and you are halfway through