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Welcome to Flairtales. We are an online media company providing insightful information into the world of fashion and lifestyle. Flairtales is your one-stop source for getting all the latest news from the fashion industry, lifestyle, fitness and beauty-related industries. But majorly, Flairtales aims to disseminate information on the fast growing and diversified world of fashion startups and to subsequently inspire, educate and motivate fashion entrepreneurs by its cover stories that feature various fashion, lifestyle, fitness and beauty-related startups and their journeys to carve a niche for themselves and establish globally popular brands. Apart from that, we would also love to tell the tales of startups who have some unique and innovative ideas, be it in any field. It is all about dedication, passion and commitment to make a difference, and we can assure you that we will help you in reaching your goals by telling your story to the world. Passionate entrepreneurs, who are determined to convert their vision into highly profitable realities, will find Flairtales a constant source of inspiration and wisdom that will help them persist in their mission to make it big in the ever-growing world of startups.

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Share your success story and experiences of the struggle during the journey and inspire others on Flairtales. We will not only publish your story that will feature your innovative ideas, but also talk about the journey you have had, to get there.

We focus on providing a robust platform for street-smart fashion designers, fitness experts, makeup experts, lifestyle designers and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. You will get invaluable insights into the life and workings of fast growing fashion houses in India and thus learn practical skills from some of the leading fashion brand owners as well. We will guide you to create inspirational brands that will make the right buzz in the business arena.

So, whether you want to start your innovatively-driven company or expand your business to give your brand the popularity it deserves, Flairtales is the right place for you. You could give yourself and the brands that push to success that you earnestly desire.

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