Acquiring the largest early stage investment in the country, takes over the online jewellery market with fresh and urban fine jewellery designs for the contemporary woman.


With western clothing and fashion taking over the Indian market, we hardly have the desire to wear jewellery. After all, jewellery is too Indian to go with western outfits. While it is a delight to wear clinking bangles and jhumkas with your favourite salwarkameez, it certainly is not wise to pair those with the western clothes in your wardrobe.

Although, it would be quite a treat if one could find apt jewellery to accessorize their western outfits too.  Listening to your inner pleas, one such duo came up with an attractive concept of jewellery for your wardrobe of western wears and co-founded Melorra.

Saroja Yeramilli and R. Krishnakumar, who worked for about 20 years in Arvind lifestyle, Titan industries and Mahindra retail, established with an aim to take over the online jewellery market which Saroja Yeramilli says “… is still nascent here. It accounts for merely 0.1 per cent of jewellery sales in the country.”

Melorra is one of the first brands to have their own designs which are launched under their brand name. It is the first company to “bring together fashion, jewellery and technology.” Creating an online selling platform is not the only way it is creating an amalgamation of technology with fine fashion jewellery but all their products are produced using 3D printing.

The brand aims to keep up with ongoing trends and not mirror the traditional ethnic styles which are long gone. This aim came up when founder Saroja Yeramilli realized the gap between urban women with 80% of westernized wardrobe and their jewellery collection which were highly traditional. The inspiration for Melorra rose out of the limitations that jewellery offered to the western women in accessorizing.

Image: Saroja Yeramilli and R. Krishnakumar (Co-founders, Melorra)
Image: Saroja Yeramilli and R. Krishnakumar (Co-founders, Melorra)

Melorra has 40 employees and handles their deliveries with high security. “We have our own designers working out of design studios in Bangalore and UK, where we send them not to temples and traditional buildings for inspiration but to fashion weeks at Paris and Milan.” says Saroja.The brand is not very discount conscious but keeps their jewellery between affordable ranges of 3000-100,000 rupees.

This Banglore based online jewellery brand raised about 33 crores (USD 5 million) from light box ventures, which was the largest early stage investment in the country as the average seed funding amount is only about 1-2 crores and got off to a very smooth start for a startup. It is also one of those few cases where the idea to seed funding happened in 3-4 months.

Such easy acquisition of funds also depends on the investors’ confidence and trust in the founder. Saroja has 25 years of experience in the industry and took care of sales, marketing and design at Tanishq and pulled the department out of gravel when they were sinking. “Also I have the connections needed to make a success of it whether it is manufacturers, suppliers and design talent,”  Saroja claimed. With a strong background like that it would have been a piece of cake to convince the investors and acquire the needed funds.

With a clear and unhindered start, Melorra plans to ship worldwide, particularly to Singapore, US and the Middle East but claims to be in no hurry to do so and has immense trust on their investors to support them when the time comes.

Record breaking initial investments, a bright idea and fresh concept and easy connections in the industry, is taking over the market and changing scenario of online jewellery sales in India with every next customer they get.