Age is, but a Number: Who Says it is Too Late to Start?

What comes to your mind when you think of entrepreneurs today? A young, dashing person who is a modern leader? That is a popular image that most minds build up. However, of all the successful people of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, many have started their career quite late in life and bloomed to amazing levels. Time plays a huge reason that brings with itself the required insight, acumen, and coherence to strategically build a domain of ways, allurement, and conduct. The lives of these people make a striking point that if you are good at what you love, it does not matter when or where you begin. When it comes to realizing your dreams, it is never too late!

Christian Dior
Even though he had a prosperous background, the French fashion couturier, Christian Dior had to come across many obstacles before initiating his unique brand. Six years after returning to Paris from the French Army during WWII, at the age of 41, Dior founded his fashion house. Before long, Dior blew up the fashion scene of Paris with designs that provoked the post-war fabric restrictions and brought along a lost femininity and luxury to women’s fashion, during an austere post-war. His career can be considered full of successful milestones, of which being the first couturier to arrange licensed production of his designs, and being a fundamental pioneer in bringing back Paris as the fashion capital it had once been, stand at the top.

Vera Wang
Starting with a career in sports and publishing, Vera Wang broke in into the fashion world as a wedding dress designer. She was unable to enter the US Olympics team for figure skating and so entered the fashion industry as a senior fashion editor at Vogue. Later, she became the design director for accessories at Ralph Lauren. However, Wang did not create her first dress until she began to prepare for her wedding, where she made a design of her own and selected a dressmaker to tailor the gown. The following year at the age of 40, Wang opened her own bridal boutique in New York City. Presently, Wang has expanded her fashion empire with international bridal boutiques, fashion lines in David Bridal and Kohl’s, eyewear, jewelry, and even a fragrance.

Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani was captivated by fashion quite late. He was completing his required military service when he scored a job at a department store in Milan. His work was to aid the photographer along with designing the windows of the place.  He dropped out of the university to make a career in the fashion industry after the military service came to an end. However, Sergio Galeotti was the one who encouraged Armani to pursue freelance design work and soon, the two became business partners. Giorgio Armani S.P.A was founded in July 1975. The company’s first collection was a men’s clothing line which debuted when Armani was 42 years old. Today, Armani’s brand is found in major department stores around the world.

Boman Irani
India has its share of late bloomers too! Boman Irani is one such personality. Known mostly for his comic roles, Irani has played significant characters in various Bollywood films. One unique thing about his career is that he joined the film industry when he was 44 years of age. There has been no looking back since then. He has acted in several films with many directors and actors, and yet, being a middle-aged man, he has been able to make him mark in the acting forum.

Kirron Kher
A loved name in the film industry today, it wasn’t until Kher was 41 that she starred in the national award-winning movie Sardari Begum that she became a star. Since then, she has played dynamic characters and won hearts all over the country. She has not only acted but also judged various reality shows and flourished as one of the most successful supporting actors in India.

Nick Woodman
Nick Woodman is one of the youngest people to feature on Forbes annual list of billionaires at the age of 38, having built up his riches at the helm of GoPro, the ever-popular company that makes wearable cameras. He had a complete failure as an entrepreneur twice before he started a company that has doubled its revenue every year since he founded it. He started the journey with GoPro while traveling around in an old style Volkswagen van, where he built his first prototype and wrote his first patent.

There are various such other examples that bring out stories of people who have failed many times in life, only to score all the way up to sky limits. The lives of people like Dhirubhai Ambani(Reliance), Martha Stewart, Harland Sanders(KFC), Samuel Jackson, etc not only move us but also inspires us to never give up. So, do not get disheartened. Life may have planned out weird ways to bring you to the threshold of success. Just keep yourself motivated and make hard work a dear friend. A satisfactory life waits ahead of you!