Aliame by Divya Gupta – a jewelry brand that has a story behind each of its exclusive pieces!

Dressing up is liked by all woman alike. With fancy dresses and painted faces, ornaments help complete the look. We’ve heard that ‘diamonds are girls’ best friend’, however, other metals are not loved any less. Owning fanciful and exclusive jewelry pieces is what drives women crazy.

To fulfill the wishes of every woman, here we introduce “Aliame”, a start-up that would make sure that every gentlewoman has access to solitary pieces of adornments that they’ve been looking out for, all this while.

Divya Gupta Aliame
Divya Gupta, Founder,  Aliame  

In this section, we bring you the story of Mrs. Divya Gupta, the founder and owner of Aliame. When we came across her story, we were really taken aback by the dedication and perseverance she displays. Her story is not only relatable but also inspirational the tells us that irrespective of the hardships faced, one shouldn’t stop trying. As we all know, hard work pays off! Self-doubts and uncertainty would always remain an integral part of an entrepreneurial journey, but, to stay committed is what will always help. Without further motivational sentences, let’s just read for ourselves the journey of this pretty lady which led to the birth of Aliame.

Mrs. Divya was always fascinated by jewelry and wanted to study something different than the cliché and mainstream fields. That is when she came across a course in jewelry designing. This course deviated from the regular fashion designing courses, yet included the elements of creativity and designing.

Apart from needing an eye for small details and an open mind for ideas, jewelry designing also needs formal training in order to convert the mental sketches into actual specimens that can be manufactured. Thus, in order to master the skills, Mrs. Divya proceeded from a course in jewelry designing to learning Computer Aided Designing (CAD). She even took training in how to manufacture jewelry, for over a year.

Following her education in this field, she moved to Mumbai from Delhi, where she became a Gemologist and a Diamond Grader. As time passed, she was exposed to playing different roles, where she donned the role of being a Designer followed by a Merchandiser and finally a Client Manager with export firms in Mumbai.

The Endearingly Encircled Necklace - Inspired by the Solar System
The Endearingly Encircled Necklace – Inspired by the Solar System

Only after working as a Client Manager did Mrs. Divya realize her passion for marketing and her desire to work as a marketing professional. As she was quoted saying, “In the jewelry industry it would have taken me many years to achieve that role, so I decided to branch out into sales and eventually moved onto marketing. I became industry agnostic and began enjoying my role as a marketer covering the spectrum of both offline and digital marketing.” However, gradually she realized that this is not where she belonged and thus quit her job. This point marked the beginning of her journey of conceiving the brand ‘Aliame’.

Like any entrepreneur, she too was full of ‘ifs and buts’. She was not spared of fears and doubts regarding whether she would be successful at this dream venture of hers. Though she was fond of jewelry designing, she wasn’t sure whether she would be able to come up with and produce the same unique pieces of art, as she did before.

She was skeptical about her capabilities and abilities as it had been almost ten years since she explored her skills under this field. However, with motivation and help from her husband, she made up her mind to delve into this field, once again. This time, she was stronger and more devoted, as now, she was a 32-year-old bold and wise woman and not a 19-year-old meek girl. Though the decision was made, several obstacles were ready to embrace her with open arms.

To point out a few hindrances, the basic one was to find a ‘kaarigar’ who would bring to life Mrs. Divya’s ideas and designs. In her words, “this proved a much much bigger challenge than what we thought. People just refused to make these designs as they looked nothing like what they had seen before.

The fact that they were still on paper made them nervous whether they could even be made. That is where my jewelry knowledge helped me (small triumph).” She traveled for several months to find the right manufacturer- from Banglore to Delhi to Jaipur, she explored them all. Only after an elaborate search did she find the right person which let her progress to the next step.

The Amazing Atoms earrings - Inspired by the structure of an Atom
The Amazing Atoms earrings – Inspired by the structure of an Atom

Further obstructions included those of setting up a smoothly functional website, the right packaging boxes and the like. However, with an extremely supportive set of family and friends, her struggle became a lot easier. The biggest support though, till date, is her better-half, who doesn’t only keep her going, but also contributes to the existence of Aliame, working for it along with his full-time job. “Everyone close to me has today become my agony aunt, my advisors, and supporters. I feel truly blessed to have some wonderful people in my life.”

Talking about the target audience for Aliame, Mrs. Divya highlighted that every woman, who loves to wear her jewelry as a form of self-expression should look out for this brand. She further pointed out that her designs are one-of-a-kind and each one has a special story to tell. These are what makes her craft stand out. In her words, “jewelry by Aliame is inspired by intelligent themes and stories.

From really out of the box themes like Science, Astronomy, and Reading to even themes like Nature, Geometry and Dance have been depicted in extremely clever ways”. They have even ventured with earrings having a structure of that of an Atom and the necklace being inspired by the Solar System.

The off the beaten track items are what will make the investment on these ensembles worth a buy. Apart from the already existing uncommon designs, Aliame has more coming up for its buyers. They are investing on making more designs inspired by Science, like the structure of a Molecule, the structure of a DNA and a whole lot more.

By conquering all the big and small obstacles everyday till today, Mrs. Divya has come a long way. But the good news is, her dream project is now existent and running very well.

When passion is in place and ideas popping out, there isn’t any thought process that should restrict you from following your dreams. No journey is a bed of roses, but when the adherence is on point, the thorns do not prick as much. So, if you too had dreamt of a project, now is the time to start working on it.