The art and craft of jewellery, from contemporary to skilled intricacies, ‘Nirwaana’, a jewelery startup looks to lead the path and rope in rich craftsmanship in its range of ornaments!

Jewellery in our country is either something that is possessed because it holds a good resale value, therefore limited to precious stones/metal and/or consumed as cheap fashion, ‘one time use’ article, which is easy on our pocket.

With economic growth and increasing number of independent working youth, an important and a growing segment of customers are looking for high quality costume jewelry, the semi-precious category has remained very limited or unexplored.

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Priyanka Thakur an independent entrepreneur with fascinating ideas

As an online shopper, very often we can see this void between the expectations on experimentation and freshness of styles together with use of most unique and quality raw material.

Inspired by this vacuum combined by the untapped opportunities when it comes to traditional techniques, the jewelery startup Nirwaana was born.

Nirwaana is a brainchild of Priyanka and her younger sister Preiti Thakur, which currently sells authentic pieces of finely crafted jewellery online through their website. Their jewellery pieces are also available at a couple of offline store partners in metro cities, with the goal to build trust and confidence with their customers.

Priyanka is a post graduate in International Marketing from Delhi School of Economics. 18years of rich experience as sourcing and marketing head in India for renowned European brands, the opportunities and challenges of setting up and operating independent profit centers for various organizations has kept her passion to work for herself and fulfill her creativity alive.

Right from start of her career, Priyanka always embraced new scopes like that of an entrepreneur and excelled as well. The idea of Nirwaana was growing strong and steady since a few years, until finally a foundation was laid in 2016.

One of the factors that pushed them towards Nirwaana, was that of how our country has some of the best craftsmen and so many traditional skills with enriching and beautiful history, but a lot of this is dying or in some cases restricted to only a certain form of translation, which has over the years become so commercial that it has made a comfort zone for our craftsmen.

This eventually has stagnated their creativity and zeal to extend their limits as fine craftsmen. Most of their skills are used to turn around the jewelry which is mostly traditional in outlook and hence restricted to be worn for certain occasions. Nirwaana is here to fill this gap and give a fresh contemporary twist to these techniques.

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Checkout the products at www.nirwaana.com

It’s the numerous unexplored possibilities to create designs from lovely stones, unique raw material and traditional techniques combined with impeccable quality, which would give pride and complete satisfaction to customers, as much as it does to the founder and their craftsmen while creating them.

Talking about the challenges faced by Nirwaana, not being a mass supplier posed hurdles in finding the right supply chain partners. It is a constant effort to keep the partners interested in working together, to create a great product!

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And it had proven extremely difficult to pull the craftsmen out of their comfort zone of using the skill set they have been practicing for generations, for unconventional creations.

Though such challenges will continue to arrive, Priyanka is of the view that in the process they have also been lucky to find the craftsmen who are as passionate & driven as they are, to be willing to experiment with and take their art form to the next level, such that it gets wider audience & acceptance even at a global level.

Other major challenge is to differentiate from the sub-standard product floating in the market where the semi-precious/organic stone & metal names are so loosely used, despite of being just a cheap / synthetic replica. Often this confuses the customer, as their knowledge about the genuine raw material is very limited.

With customer delight, through unique designs, high quality product and flawless customer service as their set USP, the dreams for the future of her start up is to take Nirwaana jewellery to a global platform.

With work already kick-started on tapping & incorporating inspirations from across the globe, especially places with deep enriching history of jewellery making/art form, the diversity and hard work will soon be seen in the upcoming Nirwaana collections.

As an entrepreneur, Priyanka finds satisfaction in the fact that she can live her dream & work for her passion. That is how one grows and nurtures what they believe in. As an entrepreneur you have nothing to complain, you actually chose a job that you love, which is truly satisfying!

When asked about giving a word of advice to the ones looking to start- up, Priyanka was of the view that Nirwaana as a brand has a long way to go and a lot of things to accomplish but the one thing that is crystal clear and must be a motto for every budding entrepreneur is that once you have a defined vision of your brand, align all your strategies to lead towards it.

There will be times when you might get tempted to divert your path as it does take time for the results to start flowing in, but stay focused and keep your feet firmly rooted to the ground. Shortcuts often lead to scrambled visions, thus destroying your grand aim even before you realize.