The artists who blend and fuse Unique International and Indian makeup techniques to bring out the beautiful you: Artistry by Amrita and Sonia

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Born and raised in Delhi, Amrita Arora and Sonia Kaur are makeup artists who stated their company Makeup Artistry by Amrita and Sonia. Their journey so far has been splendid and unimaginable at the same time. Nobody thought that once the star athletes of school time, commerce graduates and later interior designers, would end up being successful makeup artists now. The credit goes to their dad and their husbands who knew that somewhere they had creative hand and talented mind working actively. Thus, they supplied the much-needed push and encouraged them to do something new. Finally, they both end up being makeup artists.

Inspired by international makeup artists, they  started off by watching YouTube and starting following many artists like Jefree Star, Nikkie, Saleha Abbassi, Jacklyn hills, Marimaria makeup, and many more.

Artists Amrita Arora and Sonia Arora

They believe that it has been a smooth journey so far hope that it will continue to remain smooth sailing ahead. At the same time, they learned international style makeup to create fusion. So naturally to provide the best of the facilities, they wanted the products to be international. That’s when they encountered a major challenge. The challenge was to figure out where to get these products from like makeup forever, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Jefree Star, the Balm, Urban Decay, etc. And finally, they started importing it from the USA. Sephora too helped and started giving the most desirable makeups to their clients with their gorgeous vanity.

Their goal is to create the best international techniques and makeups are not followed by everyone. They do keep in mind to create a fusion of international as well as Indian, be it makeup,  attire or jewellery. These ladies know the latest trends in action

The thing that gives them most satisfaction as entrepreneurs is the passion, need for creative satisfaction and the sense of freedom. They follow a simple agenda that is the first simple rule in life: “if you don’t go after what you want you will never have it.”

They have a piece of advice on Skincare. They also say that skin care plays a vital role especially when there is wedding season. Natural skin care remedies are more important for keeping skin hydrated and moisturised. Drinking ample amount of water, eating fruits and salads are necessary to maintain a great glowing skin.

Makeup artistry by Amrita & Sonia

They share some important tips such as eating healthy for glowing skin and face. They suggest planning weddings in less humid weather so that the makeup doesn’t bleed.

Furthermore, they do not play with the client’s complexion because their expertise tells them that it is always better to enhance natural beauty for a flawless look and a person’s hairdo should complement the look and occasion. They also teach makeup as well as offer self-makeup course and professional too.

The biggest piece of advice that they offer to other budding entrepreneurs is that there is always a first time and the time is now. Practice , practice and practice, one shall touch the heights one day. She encourages one to never give up.