Attrayant is giving all the right reasons to men to feel attractive though their Premium Shirts

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Shwetanki Sharma, Founder Attrayant

Every entrepreneur has one thing in common- they all have had dreams. Shwetanki Sharma too believed in the power of her dreams and with them she came to study Economics at Amity University. She considers this place a breeding ground of her confidence and after completing college, she started working at Densnapdeal TV Shop, a subsidiary of giant Snapdeal. She always had a dream of starting her own company, and after working for seven months, she started facing some stress from the home front. All that tension led her to join the Art of Living classes and from there she got the motivation to start what was to be her company. On 10th August 2015, Attrayant started and with that started the journey of the realization of her dreams.

Attrayant Men’s Shirt

Attrayant is a French word, which means “Being Attractive”, and with her brand, Shwetanki aspires to help men feel attractive. Yes, you got that right, we have one woman who has taken the responsibility to make men attractive through her range of quality shirts, designed keeping in mind the modern man. She told Flairtales, “Mens Fashion is what I think I can handle better because it is very sophisticated, deep and I think, Men are more loyal towards any brand or clothing label.”

Attrayant Manufacturing Unit

Having faced a lot of problems in the starting, ranging from convincing her family to running to acquire labor and stocks to surviving 8 months without any sales, Attrayant has come a long way in a short span of time and recently even received the ISO quality certification for its quality products. The brand seeks to be a one-stop solution store for men’s fashion and is expanding the variety of clothes they offer.

For Shwetanki, a startup is like a baby, which needs to be feed the food of a strong willpower. According to her, one needs to give complete attention to that baby and there is certainly no escape. Her advice to anyone who wants to start their own company as inspirational as is her journey. She says,

“Believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. Money is secondary. Relationships and creating something new are primary. Focus more on building strong professional relationships with your own USP and money will come on its own.”

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