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Bad Habits: How To Break them?

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Habit, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. What can be inferred from this, is that habits are rooted in us and we may end up doing them even if we don’t want to.

A bad habit is a negative form of our behavior which gets reflected in our personality.

So how can you break such bad habits?

Identify the source

Try to understand the bad habit. If it is smoking, try to find out why do you smoke? Is it when you are stressed? Identifying the source of the problem and accepting it as the problem is the first step. You should also WANT to change this habit. Secondly, stop blaming others for leading you towards it. If you eat junk food every day after work with colleagues, you can’t hold them responsible for your unhealthy body. You have to take charge of your decisions.

Make yourself pay

Whenever you perform the bad habit, may it be biting nails, make yourself pay for it. Make a punishment pouch or jar and put currency coins in it for every time you do it.

Go slow and steadily

Try to work on your bad habits step by step. It is undoubtedly difficult to break a bad habit but not impossible. Have patience and don’t get demotivated. If taking too much sugar in your tea is your bad habit, try cutting down the quantity slowly on each cup and not all at once. Don’t lose hope!

Use aids

You can put up stick on notes on your laptop or refrigerator which have messages for you to remind you to stay away from your bad habit. Example- put up a post it on your workstation computer which says- “NO BURGERS, ONLY VEGGIES” to help you cut down on fast food. You can even put reminders on your phone which blare out messages about the same!

Change your environment

Take control. If smoking with colleagues during lunch hours and post work is your bad habit, then don’t join them! Staying away from the smoking environment will help cut down on cravings. If eating too many chocolates at home isyour bad habit, stop buying and stocking them!

Relapsing and Overcoming

It is normal that you might relapse while trying to break a bad habit. Don’t be too hard on yourself in such situations. Try to introspect as to why this happened and be ready to do better, the next time. You can do it!

Start Hating Your Bad Habits

When we commit a bad habit, we feel pleasure or satisfaction. Catch yourself feeling so and remind yourself of the harmful effects. If drinking too many coffee cups in a day is your bad habit because you feel energised, tell yourself how yellow your teeth will become because of over consumption of caffeine.

Reward Yourself

Appreciate your efforts and reward yourself when you start making progress. Feel good about yourself. If you have gone a week without smoking, do something that you love just because you went tobacco free. You deserve it!

Go, Go, Go

When you finally feel that you are getting rid of your bad habit, keep on going. If you get the urge to fall back, remind yourself that you have come a long way. Don’t let the hard work go to waste.

 Everyone has one or few bad habits. The most incredible one is to want to get rid of them. Try and try till you succeed.