Be Ready To Be Blown Over By The Stunning Collection Of Dresses By SatinVogue

For someone whose work defines who the person is, being a workaholic comes naturally. Meet Madhulika Mehta, owner of SatinVogue, a clothing brand for women’s garments, be it casual and daily wear or dresses for special and auspicious occasions. SatinVogue takes up direct orders from customers and then they manufacture and sell the highly stylish dresses. Being a sole proprietor gives immense amount of satisfaction to this young entrepreneur, who is out there to make SatinVogue a big brand in the market which has cut-throat competition. But, to face that competition, Madhulika makes sure that she gives the best quality products at very affordable prices to her valued customers.

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She owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Ram Lashkari, because it was because of him that she got into this business. She was travelling to Jodhpur in a train, when she met him. He asked her, what was she doing, to which she said, ‘Nothing.’ That made Mr. Ram say that she should not waste her time  and then went on to advice that she should get into the garment’s business.  And so she did, and today she is happy that she is making a name for herself through her work.

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Obviously, the journey was not a piece of cake, as she had to face the initial hiccups that every entrepreneur faces. She had to handle rejections, wrong costing and non-payment issues, apart from others, but she did not lose her heart and tried to tie the loose ends of the business operations by being extra-cautious regarding production and delivery of products and collection of payments. All this while, her family and especially her parents were by her side and became the constant sources of motivation.

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Today, Madhulika is enjoying the independence that she feels being the sole proprietor of a clothing brand, which is slowly and steadily winning the hearts of women. Though she feels satisfied when she gets customer feedback on her products, but she is 100% satisfied only when a customer becomes a loyal one for the company, that is, when they come to her for all their dressing solutions.

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When asked what advice she would give to the budding entrepreneurs, this is what she had to say,

“Always do your best. Never try to jump over others. Patience and hard work have their own rewards. Spectacular success and stunning defeats have to be faced with equanimity, grace and all humility. Fruit takes time to nurture and ripe.”

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