The beauty of new places: just about everything you need to know for your next trip!

Our life is like a book of memories that we collect as we slowly surpass through the different stages of life. Just like any beautiful story, our life is an overwhelming roller coaster of a variety of emotions- joy, laughter, fear, grief, excitement, achievements and disappointments.


Flipping through the pages of our story, the ones that make us truly nostalgic are the one about travel. A trip taken away from home is a snippet of our life, filling the pages of our book with so many beautiful memories.

Thus, we see travel occupying a very special place in our heart. However, making the best out of this is not always easy. We may need to adjust many things around in our busy schedules, we may face safety concerns or it may take some of us a while before we can save up for that perfect vacation.

Let us try to explore some smart tips and ways of planning a travel:

Choose your destination wisely: Before choosing the destination that you will travel to make sure that there are no major security concerns, and if there may be making sure to map out a plan of addressing those issues.

Plan your trip: Plan the different locations you would like to visit, ask around, surf the internet and map out your trip in advance. Deciding on the experiences you want to enjoy in advance will give you a better idea of your tentative expenses and also help to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Start saving in advance: Once you’ve made a tentative plan for your trip you have a fair idea of how much you will need to spend, make a deadline for yourself and start saving!

Book in advance: Decide on a date in advance where you want to travel to, booking on a weekday is usually cheaper as compared to booking on the weekend.

#Tip: Booking at least 3 months in advance will get you a better rate than probably booking a month in advance.

Also booking in the offseason will help you save, as well as avoid overcrowding of tourists.

Pick the correct hotel: While booking for a vacation we often tend to splurge on the perfect hotel, with the perfect view, however, how much time do we actually spend in the hotel?

So, choose a hotel with the essential facilities that is next to the metro or public transport easily accessible too would be an added advantage.

#Tip: For better savings or traveling in a small group Airbnb is also a viable option

Make a checklist of important documents: To avoid any mishap arising due to overlooking of the absence of documents, a checklist usually helps, also don’t forget to carry photocopies of the same and take a digital back up on your phone or in the cloud.

Bring an external charger: Always have an external charger or power bank at hand, also make sure that you purchase a local sim card with an internet pack to help you commute and communicate.

Befriend a hotel/hostel employee: Ask them for tips about getting around the area and where NOT to go.

Commute safely: Don’t be at the mercy of local taxi and cab drivers, use public transport wherever possible, or use Uber, they have better safety controls and you can also track your driver.

Create a budget and stick to it:  Know when to save and when to splurge. We always eat at a nice restaurant on our last night of vacation. Look for ways to save money but also treat yourself during the trip. Having a budget is a wonderful way to keep yourself on track.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get saving and get traveling!