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Budding Fashion Enthusiasts – The Future of Tomorrow

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To start a blog is quite easy. You go to the exclusive blog site, enter your details, choose a domain name of your own and BOOM! There. Congratulations, you have your very own blog site.

Easy, isn’t it? However, maintaining a blog is equally difficult. Maybe even more. Portraying your style to fix on the perfect audience that has a similar taste is not a piece of cake. To know what the viewers need and provide them with the designed knowledge and latest trends is an art that not everyone can master.

Here I have for you those women that sedulously worked day and night to bring the perfect feed and styles for you. Their diligent efforts will leave you awestruck and inspire you to adopt new styles.

Kritika Khurana

449k instagram followers

Popularly known as ‘The Boho Girl’, Kritika has gorgeously portrayed the art of blogging and fashion. Her styles are extraordinary and she can pull of not just makeup, but also nose rings and handcrafted bags. She’s the right mix of chick, hipster and vlogger.

Her vlogs help readers to know the sort and style of dresses to be worn in different places, along with makeup and accessories.

Aashna Shroff

392k instagram followers

Her work is a book, a journal that everyone can see, read, observe and understand. Her makeup and dressing has the kind of look everyone is searching for. She’s a Barbie doll, but a badass Barbie because in addition to being cute, she’s also rad.

Her journal is easy to interpret and she talks about the way she uses her makeup products and from where she gets them, thus making it helpful for the followers.

Akshita Vohra

3665 instagram followers

Not only she’s my personal favorite, she’s also perfect. It’s only been half a year since she started personal blogging, but did she hit it off from the very beginning! She collaborates with young designers, hence promoting her work as well as theirs. Slaying every look, she’s one of the best fashion bloggers in Chandigarh.

She is very regular with her blog, and easy to reach out to. She makes sure the viewers are informed about new stores to check out along with their prices.

Tanvir Kaur

145k instagram followers

Tanvir Kaur a.k.a. Tessa is pretty much an international model, like literally. She would be flawless on the cover of the Vogue Magazine. Her work is super aesthetic and classy.

She helps the readers to know how to dress up like a model; classy and fabulous. She also promotes various brands that are trending.

Shivani Patil

268k instagram followers

Shivani Patil will teach you how to make the best of styles out of the lot. She’s an absolute beauty; her style is simple and classy, yet rebellious. You will not be able to get your eyes off of her, that’s my guarantee.

Not only will she teach you how to pose, but she’ll also guide you to use the existing wardrobe collection into something great. She also apprises the audience to buy cosmetics to go with a particular look.

Yes, it is difficult to build your name as a fashion blogger among the lot, however it isn’t entirely impossible. With the right guidance and aim, one can reach the top of the blogging chain.

All the best and Keep Blogging!