Business Conference Planning Tips for Salt Lake City

Planning a business conference can be a challenge. It can also be a major career opportunity if you pull it off. Higher-ups at your company are more likely to notice you, and this could translate into promotions.

Business Conference Planning Tips for Salt Lake City

Here are a few tips when planning your next business event in Salt Lake City.

Planning Basics

The first steps to planning a major event is to determine how many people will be attending. Also, find out whether the conference will just include those who work for the business or if clients and future clients will be in attendance as well.

You’ll also need to know why the business conference is necessary. Its purpose  – whether it’s to create awareness for the company or something like team-building exercises – will influence the programming and some of the following concepts.

Book a Venue

When it comes to large events, booking the right venue is critical. To save money on car rentals and airfare, try to select a central location. Also, reach out to potential venues to make sure that they have enough space and facilities for the number of people who will be attending the event. For a simple event, you should look to book four weeks in advance. If your event is seasonal, like a holiday event, then you should look more like six months in advance.

Salt Lake City has many hotels that are always a good option. The Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Downtown/The Gateway has 1,000 square feet of meeting space with seating for 20 to 60 guests. When you reserve the hotel’s meeting space for a business conference, you’ll have access to a top facility along with advanced audio/visual equipment and Wi-Fi. The nice thing about booking a hotel is that anyone who is traveling to your event from out of town can reserve a room for the duration of their stay.

Other Salt Lake City hotels that offer business conference space include the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, and the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center.

If you’ll be hosting more people, then look to the city’s larger venues, places like the Salt Palace Convention Center, the Mountain America Exposition Center, and the Clark Planetarium. Those attending your business conference will enjoy being in Salt Lake City since there are many things to do in the area, things that range from skiing to hiking.

Form a Committee

Don’t try to plan a business conference alone. Put feelers out for coworkers who have certain skills like budgeting, networking, publicity, marketing, and tech operations. By bringing collaborators onboard, you’ll experience less planning stress and your event will be more likely to happen without incident.

Know the Date

When it comes to planning major business events, it’s important to start early. In fact, we recommend that you start at least a year in advance. Starting the planning process two years before it’s scheduled is even better.

Determine the Budget

Knowing how much you have available to spend will help you select everything from the venue to the type of snacks that you will be able to offer. Don’t forget to include estimates like traveling expenses for any speakers that you might be inviting and gifts for volunteers.

Organize Your Way to Success

Organization will go a long way toward making your business conference a success. Confirm your company’s goals, the guest list and what accessories you’ll need to hold the event. Using some technology solutions like shared Google Calendars, Slack, and even Pinterest for visual brainstorming can also help you organize everything.