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If you can’t fight for your dreams, you have no right to dream!

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Of all the things that broke a heart, none can be compared to a heart whose dream has been snatched away.- Anonymous.

Have you ever tasted the first few drops of rain? They are always acidic and bitter. Nature has a beautiful way of infusing meaning in little things. We often complain about how stressful our lives are and how difficult it is for originality to survive. Well, the first steps are always going to be the toughest, and as we know,  ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

Risks are not an excuse
When we dream, we are unrestrained. We all have the right to dream, to follow that streak of passion igniting our souls. But, it is a very courageous decision to make, and to many, it poses a great risk too. But have you ever imagined that every second we live, is a risk too? This life is as unpredictable as the patterns of sunrise and sunset. In this uncertainty of life, you need to struggle for your existence, you need to fight for your dreams, because if you don’t, who will?
No Criticism, No Appreciation
Once you make up your mind to fight for your dreams, you have to be prepared for criticisms, demoralization, and pessimism from the entire world. It will seem as if the whole world is against you. At that point, you will find one thing, just ONE thing, telling you to go ahead; that is, your beautiful, beating heart. You don’t want to give up on your dreams, do you? You don’t want to let yourself down, do you?

Discover Your Inner Light
Stumble in the dark, to find your inner light. In the most critical of situations, your inner light will guide you, show you your path. Look at yourself in the mirror, peek inside those dark walls of your eyes, see how you have chained your free spirit and let go. Let go of all those apprehensions, fears, insecurities, small talks and side talks. You, my dear friend, are greater than them and are aspired to rise like a phoenix in the midnight blue.

Keep Your Options In Hand
By chasing your dream, you are not being reckless or foolish. You are being you; unfiltered and raw. And like every rational individual, you too need to have a Plan B – the backup plan. You can choose to take calculated risks, you can always fall back on your Plan B. It is not always about instincts, it is about intellect too.

Rule It Your Way
So, the first few drops of rain are always bitter and acidic. Does this mean that raindrops shall never taste sweet? Similarly, in life, we all have to go through a lot of bitterness, so that we can enjoy and fully deserve the sweetest days. If you inner soul is an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, an artist, a poet, or even a dramatist, let it flourish and glow. Don’t change yourself for the world, build your own kingdom.