Capturing moments- Artistic ideas in the startup ecosystem

Bobby Joshi, founder of Goodshotz
Bobby Joshi, founder of Goodshotz

The flourishing startup ecosystem in India has led to more and more innovative ideas being generated by entrepreneurs. In order to leave their mark in the growing market pioneering photographer Bobby Joshi and his team came up with one such innovative idea and started their own company called Goodshotz. The company was started in 2016. They have two main centres located in Bangalore and Pune. The team that runs Goodshotz has both talented men and women. After spending 20 years working in the corporate world, Bobby felt that it was time to start working on his passion. He possessed a great passion for photography from a very young age. Goodshotz provided Bobby with a platform where he was in charge of his own business and it also gave him an opportunity to work with more photographers. Though his company he could finally do what he really enjoyed doing and could meet like-minded people in his dealings.

The services that Goodshotz provides are that they undertake photography for clients and capture events like weddings and other occasions.  The unique factor about the company is that the services are not merely restricted to capturing events. The also conduct photography workshops and online classes in photography. These classes are live and exclusive. They offer intermediate and advanced photography lessons online which are exclusive to the customer. They concentrate on the holistic development of the clients’ skills through the course. So if one wants to take up and virtual online photography course which is exclusive to them, they can do so through Goodshotz in order to hone their photography skills to the fullest. The classes are interactive where the photography teacher is in contact with the client online throughout the course.  They also organise outdoor tours where they conduct photography workshops and boot camps for the clients at different locations. So far they have conducted about 12 workshops and photo tours all over the world. The places they have covered are parts of Kerala, Goa, Pushkar, Varanasi as well as international destinations like Bali and China. The virtual photography training that Goodshotz produces is one of a kind and essentially one of the best programs for photography available. Their team consists of the best photographers in the field of Landscape photography in the country. They also offer genre-specific courses in all the genres of photography through these virtual classes. All in all, Goodshotz is one of the pioneering companies which provide all round professional photography services and training to clients. The company’s aim in the future to extend their services to the corporate sector. They intend to capture corporate events along with other social and cultural events in addition to the virtual classes and photography workshops.

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Since its genesis, the company’s motivation has been the team’s drive to create great images by capturing genuine experiences. Their objective is to surpass and exceed the clients’ expectations. Their success lies they say in the number of clients that come back for tours. They have many clients who keep coming back. The high number of clients who return for more and more photography tours is a measure of the company’s success and recognition in the startup ecosystem.

His advice to budding photographers especially to photographers who want to start a business on the art is to have a proper business plan. He says that photographers are artists and they often lack skills that are required in managing a company if they start a photography business. In order to thrive in the market, the photographers should possess professional photography skills that should differentiate them from other photographers. They should also strive to hone other skills required to market their art and sustain the business. They should be able to strategize and figure out the areas in which they would like to work. For example when Goodshotz started, the team refrained from including the genre of wildlife photography in their services but they look forward to including it in the near future.

He believes that the advantage that photography has as a business is that it is a negative working capital. That is photography doesn’t need any investment or raw material to deliver the product as the product is art. The photographers need not invest capital in the endeavours they undertake. All they have to invest is time. The workshops are all pre-booked, hence the money paid at registration can be used to book rooms, organise the tours etc. Considering the advantage that photography has over other business ideas he hopes to see more budding talented photographers and photography itself paving its way in the startup ecosystem.