Career choice is never easy, but it’s never too late to follow your dreams! Listen to how simple steps can lead you to do the work that you love!

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Are you one of those who are stuck in a dilemma about which career to choose? Or do you have that one dream you don’t want to give up on?

Many a times we find ourselves in a spot which is unfit for us, resulting in a troubled persona. We force ourselves to carry out a vocation that is not chosen by us but by our parents or other influential elder, and this often leads to a life full of half hearted determination and a feeling of regret.

Hear out Deepthi Ganesh, who is an engineering graduate turned quirky passionate fashion designer, give tips on how to follow the steps that lead you to do the work that you love!

Deepthi speaks about how it is very important to know what you like and where your interest lies, to bring out the full extent of your potential. The right push in the right direction can work like magic.

She also advices young aspirants on how it’s never too late to realise where your interest lies. And even if you start up and you’re not hitting a high point, consistency is the key point to success. Deepthi too, has been working hard to make her pursuit in the world of fashion a beautiful success and the results are self explanatory.

It is with this motivation that new talents can be unearthed and exploited, taking risks will always be a part of it that one must not shy away from but embrace and take advantage of.