Carrying forward the family business with a new twist

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mannsachdeva-296x300Mannu Sachdeva was always inspired by her father who was in the Garment Export background. “As a child, I always wanted to join him in the business. Ever since I was in my school, my teachers encouraged me to pursue my passion for fabrics,” says Mannu happily.

When she was in 11th & 12th grade, the family happened to launch Fashion Design as a separate line, and Mannu had started contributing to its growth.

Mannu started up a brand by the name ‘O’Mann by Mannu Sachdeva’ for young urban women. “We are best known for providing new silhouettes to our customers. Our Indo-Western cum Indian Label is loved by women, and we are now looking to launch a men’s wear customised tailoring services,” says the founder.

The youth today is not just spending money but they are hunting for something new that also fits their pockets.

In this competitive market, Mannu thinks it was a big step supported by friends and family that lead to the birth of her brand. But starting up has given she satisfaction. “Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of pressure & it is not just your own but also your team, clients and the fellow designers. Its a great journey full of learning,” adds Sachdeva positively.

The journey so far has been full of ups and downs. The positives were encouraging and gave enough strength for lows.

She advises future entrepreneurs to always be prepared and guide/explore opportunities themselves.

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