Celebrating the uniqueness of every woman, Zubhana has something for each woman out there

Zubhana Founders Vibha Nagpal and Sandhya Nagpal

When Sandhya Nagpal, Aswin was getting married earlier this year, she and her siblings Vibha Nagpal and Abhishek Nagpal were having a hard time finding the perfect jewelry of their choice in the budget. The realization that it becomes difficult to find sophisticated and neatly designed jewelry at affordable prices, lead to the birth of Zubhana.

Zubhana is a jewelry brand which has understood a woman’s desire to express herself with her jewelry.

Zubhana Design

Zubhana initially started by curating imitation jewelry, and during this phase, they faced some difficulties in looking for the wholesalers and also finding the perfect designs. Later they thought that they should be creating their own statement jewelry pieces and so now, the team has gone deep into designing jewelry. The self-taught co-founders of this jewelry brand effortlessly and intuitively design their jewelry and also give the option of customization to the customers.


Zubhana Design


It has been only a few months that the operations started, but Zubhana now proudly has an assortment of various types of jewelry made with Colorful stones, shiny druzy, druze quartz, kundan, uncut polka and what not!
The creators behind Zubhana’s statement jewelry pieces know it all too perfectly that every woman is unique, and so, their collection has something for every woman of any age and any taste. Their bridal collection, not only includes jewelry that goes perfectly on the D Day, but you can also find amazing choices for the preceding events.


Zubhana Design

With dreams of taking Zubhana to a top-notch level in the jewelry market, the co-founders would like to give this advice to anyone who wants to do something of their own.

“Hang on … Persistence is the key. Don’t be satisfied. If you’re satisfied with success, what you earn, or where you’re at, you will never grow from that point.”

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