The Charm of the Streets of Delhi

You’re not a true shopaholic if you haven’t roamed the streets of Delhi in the hottest and the coldest weather of this state. One must wonder why street shopping is expressed to be so extraordinary if one has the money to buy the best clothes from the fancy brands such as Zara, Mango, Forever21, etc.

To answer this, consider a situation where you bought that elegant Zara grey blouse and paid 1700 bucks. You go to a party next day wearing the new blouse and see one of your friends wear the same blouse.

It’s a heart- breaking moment when you get to know that the friend bought the blouse for 300 bucks from the streets of Sarjoni Nagar, a famous street in the heart of Delhi where the trend is always on sale.


Gone are the days when only the bourgeoisies could afford Manish Malhotra lehenga for their wedding. Delhi, the capital of India, is famously known for its streets. One would be shocked to see the narrow streets crowded with people, and hard to find a place to step in in the starting. However, the more you get in, the more charming the streets get for you.

These narrow streets have it all for you. From food to spices to clothes to accessories, you name it and it’s there somewhere inside waiting for you.

The most common streets for shopping are Sarjoni Nagar, Janpath, Chandni Chowk, Tibetan market, and many more.

The fascinating is the history of these places. These are the places one got to rush to when in Delhi. There’s definitely questions arising in your mind as to why is it still most talked about. The article shall discuss a few reasons that may convince you enough to hold your purse and run to these places after reading the article.

The very first reason is the budget. These places are considered to be most flexible when it comes to money. It’s a great deal and a win-win situation for the customer. One gets the perfect and the trendiest clothes in the cheapest amount.

For instance, having a personal experience to shop at Sarjoni Nagar, it was the month of July or August, when my friends planned to go street shopping. Taking the metro, we reached Sarjoni market which awestruck us with the kind of clothes that were on display on sale.

The budget was tight, of course, being a college student, but still entered the lanes. Stopping at a shop that hung one of the prettiest shrugs on display, we gulped and asked the price. We were shocked to hear the price of one shrug. 300 bucks, it was for one shrug. Those 300 bucks made us buy 6 of them of various prints.

However, 1800 is still a little too much to pay. This brings me to my next reason. Bargaining! It is all possible and the best part is one doesn’t have to look around several times for the staring looks and can bargain at ease and freely. The shopping streets of Delhi are typically known for its bargaining and haggling with the shopkeepers to reduce the amount.

Well, it’s just an amazing sight to watch and hear to the unimagined reasons of various bargainers. For instance, the shopkeeper has to reduce the price because one is tight on budget and needs the money for the rest of the month. This is generally a college student’s argument against the shopkeeper’s negations.

However, the shopkeeper has no choice but to reduce the amount and give away the products. Conclusively, the practice of bargaining continues at every step and surprisingly, wins at every step. This is one of the core reasons to shopping in the streets of Delhi being reasonable, budgeted and extremely flexible.

However, “bargaining” is considered to be an art that has to be learnt with patience. There are various tricks to it that includes tackling the shopkeeper that he would have to reduce the amount and sell the clothes at the rate that the customer wants at.

Food is inevitable and a necessity no matter what you are doing or where you are. Hence, another reason why street shopping is a fun exercise. The street food makes shopping even more interesting.

There is nothing to beat the unlimited street food one gets in just Rs. 50-60 tops. For instance, Chandni Chowk is the place that is famous for two things. Firstly, wedding shopping since this place contains the dream outfits of every bride who sketched her dream outfit as a child.

This is the place that fulfils such dreams. Secondly, and most importantly, is the food that this place has laid for you and offers you. From the sizzling sound of chicken tikkas to the smell of paranthas from the paranthavala gali.

This is the kind of food one would want while shopping in the streets of heart of India. Just like Chandni Chowk, every other street has got its own specialty of street food and charm to it.

If you haven’t traveled in a rickshaw-auto, then you haven’t travelled the streets the “Delhi way”. All you need is a rickshaw-auto anytime you travel in Delhi. Nothing more convenient than this mode of transport.

It’s not only the best mode because of its feasibility but because of the shortcuts the drivers know. It is a must “to do thing” to sit in a rickshaw-auto and experience the insane ride. You save a great amount of time and the traffic is behind.

Having its reasons to charm, street shopping does come with its snake charmers. There exist some disadvantages to it. The first being security. Unlike the fancy malls, street shopping has a higher risk of losing ones’ belongings since there aren’t any designated personals to security. Secondly, the crowd.

One may not get the crowd that was being expected and might be a bit disappointed at the sight. However, what lightens up the mood is the stuff that the street has to offer. Lastly, it is the crowed of such places that one may not be fond of. The place doesn’t give you the luxury to have a spacious environment with air cooling electronics in the summer.

The streets like any other are crowded and at times, a bit over- overcrowded.

Everything comes with its own pros and cons. Nothing comes with either only the advantages or the disadvantages. The same goes for the extraordinary street shopping in Delhi.

It’s an experience one must live at least once in life because, if you don’t, you definitely are missing out on something great that you might regret later.