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Check out this friendly insight into selling your fashion label like a pro!

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Every one of us has at least a hidden desire to start a fashion line of our own, if not a dream. Starting a fashion brand can be challenging but profitable only when you follow certain guidelines to prosper in this field.

The first and foremost step to start a fashion brand is to design something new and edgy. Be it dresses, accessories or apparels, it should be ‘your’ design and should have ‘your’ creativity in it and not resembling another brand’s.

Your designs and Your creativity
Your designs and Your creativity

Now comes the selling part. There are many ways to sell a brand, few of which are listed below.

  • Sell to Boutiques: By selling to boutiques you can build a relationship with the buyer because he or she is often the owner. This type of continuity can make you and a retail shop “partners” in this business. It also helps in getting valuable feedback from the buyer about your line.
  • Sell Online: You can set up your own online store or sell on Etsy or a similar site but just putting your product up online will not make it sell. There is a lot of marketing involved to get traffic to your site and get your product off the shelf. Currently, many designers are making their debut on Instagram which is catching up with Etsy pretty fast.

    Sell your designs online
    Sell your designs online
  • Sell at Fairs: Selling your clothing line at an art or craft fair specifically, will give you an instant advertisement. The customers pay retail prices and you get the money right away. You also get to interact with your customers in person
  • Open a Retail Store: Keep this as a last resort for it is not recommended if you’ve just launched your brand. Profit totally depends on your marketing, response to your collection and financial attributes.

Marketing is the key aspect when it comes to successfully selling your brand on a profitable scale. But always keep in mind that your product also goes hand in hand with advertisement; they complement each other.If done correctly, fashion digital marketing gets your product in front of your ideal audience so they become aware of your brand, purchase your products, and ultimately turn into brand ambassadors. For the sake of marketing,it is best to have your own domain and website. Hosting and domain names are so cheap nowadays that it should be easy to get one. Often times sites like Google will index your website based on your websites title, for example, if someone is searching for Little Black Dress then my website littleblackdress.com is much more likely to show up at top. Customers themselves play a key role in advertisement for they recommend your brand to their kith and kin and retail stores do the same to other stores.

Here are few more marketing tricks to boost your brand’s sale.

  • Create an eye-catching logo and tagline for your brand which connects with the type of audience you’re targeting.
  • Have your customers subscribe to your newsletters which will help in updating them with an e-mail regarding a new sale, collection or reminding them of the products they’ve left in the cart to buy later.
  • Use social media to your advantage. As stated earlier, Instagram, Facebook and other social handles are highly used for marketing fashion brands, book stores, digital marts, etc.
  • Provide an image of each and every angle of the dress or product to provide the customer with a better view.

    Different views, different models
    Different views, different models
  • Find a new talent to model your designs and be your brand ambassador.
  • Run a promotion during holidays to increase sales to capture the attention of holiday shoppers. Discounts and coupons would also help the sale.
  • Always look out for new game changing styles and colour-of-the-year trends to attract customers.

Having provided you with an insight into fashion trade we wish you good luck if you are to start a fashion line of your own.