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Check out these inspiring women conquering the biz world by leading successful startups

It is not a secret anymore that women are surmounting every sphere of every profession. It is not hidden that women are rising and rebelling for what they have always wanted- recognition and respect. Women don’t follow the norms and go ahead to pursue their dreams along with performing familial requirements such as getting married, caring children, to cook a meal and running a family. The universe is now the spectator of a world being run by women. Yes! Women are now stronger than ever.

On that note, let us have a look at women conquering the biz world, leading top fashion startups. These women are indeed inspirational and their stories motivate other women to follow their dreams.

Rockets of Awesome

Rachel Blumenthal, founder of  Rocket of Awesome

Founded by Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome is a fashion subscription service which helps parents choose the right look for their kids, especially now when kids are highly ‘choosy’ about what they wear. Once in 3 months the company sends a variety of clothes, handpicked and designed by them based on your child’s likes and dislikes for free of charge. The parents have the liberty to choose what they like, pay for it and send back the ones they don’t want. Other than the fact that the company runs on a highly innovative idea and thus changing the scenario for parents tired of choosing clothes for their kids, Rockets of Awesome also designs their own clothes for children between the ages of 2 to14. Gone are those days when kids were scolded by their mothers to put on clothes that were hardly liked.

Style Lend

Lona Alia, CEO of Style Lend

In today’s time when fashion is slowly becoming tough to afford, Style Lend has come with a unique concept. As the name suggests, Style Lend allows you to lend fashion via their apps, websites and by swapping within their community. Founder and CEO Lona Alia says, that the fact the fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter of the environment put her into a dilemma of wanting to look fashionable and saving the planet. This is what she claims, inspired the idea of Style Lend with a motto to  ‘Save the world through fashion.’ “We bring together a community of people that love fashion and are rebelling mass consumption, because its causing our habitat to degrade and is making our overstuffed closets and our depleting wallets slaves to trends.” she says.


Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier

Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss after the booming success of her blog ‘Into the gloss’ which was started in 2010. The beauty blog gained immense popularity among the beauty connoisseurs and it wasn’t long before ‘Into the gloss’ widened into Glossier. Glossier sells beauty products and makeup while making you feel that you don’t need the product, instead the product needs you.  Glossier is a highly interactive brand which empathizes with its consumers’ situations and needs.  They believe that “Beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal.”

Livia Clue

Liwia Kluza-Pełka, founder of Livia Clue

Livia Clue is another fashion brand with an extremely feminine touch to all of their products. It is a polish company founded in 2009 by Liwia Kluza-Pełka. They focus their brand in the production of dresses, tunics and skirts which are manufactured locally, in Katowice, in southern Poland. Livia clue has a vast variety to offer to their buyers and satisfy each woman’s need to look arresting. Delivering imperishable beauty to their customers is the top priority of this brand.

Outdoor Voices

Tyler Haney, founder of Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a brand which creates sportswear for everyday use. Their motto is to provide sports outfit for a range of activities from ‘dog jogging to dodge ball’. Founder Tyler Haney’s brand doesn’t manufacture sportswear in the typical neon mesh material. Their unique collection is made out of mainly 4 fabrics namely Textured Compression, Mossed Jersey, Stretch Crepe and Rec Poly.  They say ‘Friends, who sweat together, stick together.’

Stitch Fix

Katrina Lake, founder of Stitch fix

Stitch fix is another genius concept formulated by Katrina Lake. What initially started out of the founder’s Cambridge apartment is now catering to millions of men and women. It is a subscription fashion service where in the customers are asked to fill up a survey form based on which stylists from stitch fix send you customized and personalized products at your door. After which the customer has the option to either purchase them or send them back to the company, all within three days. Stitch fix makes you look gorgeous by saving a great deal of time and effort for you.

Girl Meets Dress

Anna Bance, founder of Girl Meets Dress

Feel like your closet is cramped with a lot to wear and yet you don’t have enough to wear for occasions? Girl Meets Dress resolves problems for all such specimens out there. Founded by Anna Bance, the brand allows you to choose your choice of clothes from their site and rent it for a specific period. The brand allows you to widen your horizon for fashion without actually having to purchase it and ultimately cramp up your closet. Worrying about the hygiene quotient? Girl Meets Dress always dry cleans their clothes once they receive it back from the renters. Now you can confidently walk up a party without having to wear the same old gown and without having to purchase a new one either.


Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, co founders of Cuyana

Cuyana is a fashion brand co-founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah who aimed at providing fashion directly to the consumers and cutting down cost. Cuyana means “to love” in Quechua as they say, hence their motto is ‘to love’ the closet you build based on the foundation of “fewer, better things.” The brand works like every other fashion brand, you buy what you want and pay for it but here is a twist, Cuyana provides you with a “lean shipping” option at checkout. On choosing the option you are sent a reusable bag along with your product in which you can stack up all the items from your closet which you don’t exactly need and ship it back to the company. The company then forwards it to their nonprofit partner H.E.A.R.T.S who directs it to the women in need, all because of your generosity. Cuyana provides you with an incentive of $10 on every “lean shipment” for your next purchase at Cuyana.  A brilliant way to propagate generosity through fashion, isn’t it?

Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment’s founders- Amanda Curtis and Gemma sole

Nineteenth Amendment’s manifesto is to stand for equality and rights of the designers of the garment, the manufacturers and the consumers who wear them. The customers are usually the first few ones to purchase an exclusive product as the platform allows designer to sell their products below retail prices directly to the buyers. They encourage complete transparency in the production process and the brand gives you updates about the manufacture of the garment at each stage. Co-founders Amanda Curtis and Gemma sole say “We believe in all our designers and giving them a way to bring their work to market with authenticity and quality.”

Wool and The Gang

Wool and The Gang
Wool and the gang co founders- Aurelie Popper, Jade Harwood, Elisabeth Sabrier and Lisa Rodwell.

Another woman driven fashion startup co founded by Aurelie Popper, Jade Harwood, Elisabeth Sabrier and Lisa Rodwell, Wool and the gang aims at bringing back the age old tradition of knitting for fashion and propagating sustainable fashion. They focus on the health benefits of knitting and producing yarn in eco-friendly ways. There is no doubt that wool knit clothes give a classy look and Wool and The Gang, just got it back in trend!