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Choose the Ideal Pair of Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Before going any further let’s first discuss the meaning of prescription glasses. As per dictionary, “Spectacles, the lenses of which have been made specifically to match the wearer’s defects of vision are basically known as prescription glasses.”

Prescription Eyeglasses

Almost seventy-five percent of the people around you need glasses which mean there are three out of four people who require glasses for their eyesight commonly known as prescription glasses.
Many people have poor vision from their birth and some people get affected with the growing age. So, the prescription glasses are a basic need of the people having an issue with their vision.

What Your Glasses Prescription Actual Means?

If you are feeling some issues regarding your vision then visiting or consulting the doctor is the normal occurrence, where you get your eyesight checked by the specialist. The checkup tells whether your eyesight is weak or good to go.

Choose the Ideal Pair of Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

If your eyesight is weak then the doctor will take the measurements for both the eyes individually and will provide you the numbers which will help you in getting the right eyeglasses. These glasses are referred to as prescription glasses.

Common Issues People Face While Putting an Order for Their Pair of Glasses:

1. Cost:
Cost is the major issue. As everyone wants to get the best quality glasses at the lower price and finding the perfect pair of glasses which match to your style within the budget can become a difficult task for people. Sometimes the cost of the glasses can be high.

2. Style:
Choosing the best style for one can be very confusing as well. People get confused while buying a perfect pair of glasses for themselves as they do not know which style of frames will match their personality.

It can be a very time-consuming task while deciding on the right pair of prescription glasses for yourself because it must suit your personality and must complement well with the shape of one’s face. To find which type of frame suits your face; you need to make out the shape of your face.

To do this, look in the mirror and with the bar of soap, outline the shape of your face. Once you have done this, step back and look at the shape which you have drawn.

Pair of Glasses

  • Square Face: If you have a strong jaw with the width approximately the same as your forehead. Your cheeks and the side of your face are straight then you have a square-faced shape.
  • A square shape works best with the glasses that are softer and rounder to balance your angular features.
  • Round Shape: If your face is pretty much the same width or length, making a circle like a shape and your face is widest at your cheekbones then you have a round face. You should look for more angular frames to add dimension and don’t wear the round style glasses.
  • Oval Shape: If your face is slightly longer than wider then you have the most versatile shape then you can go for any type of shape. But you should not wear over-sized frames.
  • Heart Shaped Face: If you have stood out check bones and a broad forehead and a pointy jaw then you have a heart-shaped face. With such face, you should wear soft shapes and you should try to avoid rectangularly and the boxy shapes and you should also avoid the glasses which are very bold and heavy.

Prescription glasses can modify your look if the frame justifies the shape of your face and the features well. Nowadays you can buy prescription glasses at a lower cost compared to the olden days and that too with better quality as there are large options available in the market. Moreover, these glasses can make you feel great.