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Confused about innerware wardrobe? These tips can help you efficiently revamp your lingerie stock

Good lingerie not only has the ability make or break an outfit, the right ones can also make miracles happen for your style from the inside, by boosting your comfort levels and making you confident in your own element.

If you are thinking about bringing a change in your current lingerie wardrobe, don’t be puzzled. Yes, it is true that putting together a sophisticated lingerie wardrobe is not really unchallenging.

But as long as you know what to focus on, it’s much easier to revamp compared to the rest of your closet. Your innerwear collection can be as fashionable as your outerwear collection; all you need to do is pick a few beautiful pieces and be careful about your purchases- as simple as that.

Figure out how much underwear you need

If your underwear drawer is overflowing with lots of choices; think about how much of that you’ll actually need or whether you have been choosing quantity over quality.

If you realize that a little cut is what your underwear wardrobe could use, don’t hold back. It’s not that you should own as few pieces as possible; just remember it is important to regularly discard worn-out overused ones after a certain period of time.

You should decide how many under-wears you need keeping in mind your laundry routine.

Make sure you start with the basics

Every woman needs to have the essentials, the ones that you can wear with any outfit. While choosing your lingerie wardrobe essentials, don’t go for pastel shades.

Instead try shades close to nude, white, off-white or black. The first place you should begin your overhaul with is your everyday wear.

Stock a good number of refined high-quality pieces that fit you well and are perfect for your everyday style. Don’t forget to include several seamless bras or boy shorts.

To upgrade your set of everyday items you need to keep two things in mind: the practical criteria your underwear targets to fulfill and your individual likes and dislikes for style, cut, material or color.

Don’t forget to set your standards high

Be just as selective while spending on new underwear pieces as you are for any other addition to your wardrobe (and just as merciless when editing your selection is concerned).

Also, be very particular when evaluating the comfort level of your pieces: if there is something that catches your eye but you can tell that will be tacky to wear, splurging on it will be worthless.

Owning flawed items just for the sake of having a huge collection is pointless.

Finding the perfect fit is important

Always start with a fitting check. Even the nicest lingerie in the world will not work in your favor if it fails to fit properly. With the wrong fit it will not be comfortable enough and that will just be an added burden on you.

While buying panties always think about how cosy you feel in them. Bra-shopping tends to be trickier. Different types of bras offer different comfort levels.

If you prefer to wear underwire, make sure the cups are positioned well against each breast without a tight grip on the sides or that the wire rests against the rib cage, not on the breast tissue.

If the bra keeps riding up in the back, the band (the numerical measurement of the bra) must be too big.

Your underwear wardrobe should parallel every inch of your personal concept of style

Not all the pieces in your wardrobe will work with your everyday underwear. They can have a particularly low back or can be very sheer or something like that.

After selecting your everyday pieces, you should make sure that your underwear wardrobe accommodates such special cases in your wardrobe. You should try taking some time to write down every item that requires special attention and make additions accordingly.

Include a few double-duty items

If you want your underwear collection to be as efficient and multi-faceted as possible, try to put in pieces that are useful for more than one task.

For example, if you want to buy a strapless bra so that you can finally wear that one dress that’s been rotting in the back of your closet for some time, consider purchasing a nude strapless bra so that it can work with all of your sheer/white tees, dresses and shirts as well.

Take proper care of your pieces

It is only natural that over time both your style and your shape will change, so updating accordingly is a must. Get rid of whatever looks dull or doesn’t fit right.

Always hand wash your items with a milder detergent specifically meant for lingerie. Putting delicate pieces in the dryer can damage them badly.

To prevent your bras from snagging, store them with the hook closed. A few little changes in your laundry routine can be very beneficial for your lingerie.

Rethink the organization of your lingerie once again

After a few pieces have been edited out and a couple new ones have been added, take some more time to reorganize your new improved lingerie wardrobe.

Store things according to how often they will be used; the easy-access spaces should be assigned to everyday items and lesser used ones should be the kept in the back.

Also, to prevent one big pile of intertwined inner-wears in the future, consider adding a bit of physical structure to your underwear storage arrangement.

Without getting too technical you can just use a few boxes to separate your everyday items from your occasional items or something like that.

The idea of splurging on expensive undergarment is still somewhat unfamiliar to Indian women, mostly coming from middle or lower economic backgrounds.

Why pay for something that is not even going to show. A cheaper innerwear gets the job done anyway! But the importance of good lingerie cannot be stressed enough. It is an integral part of intimate hygiene as well. We need to remember that we are not buying or wearing lingerie to impress another person. We are doing it for ourselves.

Lingerie shopping in India is not a pleasant experience either, complete with a lot of awkward interactions or hideous packaging. The information being limited is another big issue- a large number of Indian women lack the necessary knowledge about the need to wear the right cup size, customized size fittings and more.

It is high time to break the taboo around lingerie and spread awareness about the functionality of quality undergarments.