Darwaaza, a door to his dreams: In conversation with Eeshan Srivastava

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Working towards building your career is something we all aspire to do, but we don’t completely do it until we graduate. Pursuing your career, full-time, is a very adult thing to do; which is not usually followed by 18-19-year-olds.

Eeshan Srivastava, the star of this story is one of those people who chase their dreams at a very young age. He is currently pursuing his graduation in Economic Honors from Dyal Singh College of  Delhi University and has also stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. His brand- Darwaaza, was envisioned by him and his schoolmate Arnab Samantaray, who is pursuing a Bachelors in Commerce from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi.

Darwaaza Founders, Arnab Samantaray & Eeshan Srivastava
Darwaaza Founders, Arnab Samantaray & Eeshan Srivastava

Their  Tagline for Darwaaza is ‘’It is your doorway into the college experience”. It is a media publishing website, where students can publish their music, dance, photography and anything else that qualifies as art in today’s day and age. Eeshan tells us that they focus on two types of users:
The Publishers- the dreamers, who upload self-generated/composed/produced artwork on the website
The Viewers- those who seek entertainment and wish to experience the best that college activities have to offer.

They focus only on Extra-Curricular Activities from colleges in India and make sure that every publisher has their own exclusive online space that’s open to the whole world.

When we asked him about the inspiration for starting this firm, Eeshan told us “We as a society, fail to push the talent in our country because we are unaware of the gems of our nation. There are so many engineers who are doing stand-up comedy because their talent got recognized. We must have so many hidden talents and that possibility is the force that drives me”.

Darwaaza provides the viewers with readily available content from different fields of art that not only serves as a high source of entertainment but also opens them up to a vast world of talent and exposure. It builds strong competition between different extra-curricular clubs of different colleges. They can watch out for their competition and publish their own content.

For those who upload the content, Darwaaza plans to give an online platform to the art societies as well as individuals to represent their talent on a space that is exclusively meant for them.  Apart from all this, it also aims at creating a competitive platform where unlike college competitions students and student societies don’t compete for certificates or prize money, but they compete for dominating the online space with their content. “This makes our product both, an entertainment destination as well as a talent hunt stage”, comments Eeshan.

Positive feedbacks from strangers, meeting and socialising with new people, learning from experienced people always kept Eeshan motivated, but he missed out on his college life for Darwaaza. However, Eeshan doesn’t regret one bit of it and says that it all has been worth it.

His bigger plans include creating a bridge for common people to the entertainment industry through ‘Darwaaza’.

His advice to others is that no one should shy away from taking chances. “No matter what, it will always make you learn”, says Eeshan.