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Dating an entrepreneur – the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure a successful relationship!

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datingDating an entrepreneur can be challenging. What can make it work is generosity, compassion, and dedication towards your significant other.

Here are a few tips to help you:

Be flexible

Change of plans at the last minute isn’t something that is inevitable while you date. That date at a fancy restaurant or the weekend getaway can wait, their work cannot. Be prepared for a last minute change in plans, but keep the skepticism away.

Financial troubles

A lot of money goes into setting up a new venture, and there might be some tight budget cuts to your wallet. Times may or may not get tough, but you have to brace yourselves for the same anyway.

Be inclusive

Find ways to indulge yourself with their work, but back off if they say they like doing things their own way. Even though all your partner may talk about is their business, try being in the loop of the activities they do, know if something goes wrong, and talk to them about it. They might not talk about something else, so this is your only shot of striking a conversation that isn’t small talk.

Be compassionate

Rephrase things like “why are you working so much” on something that is not offensive to your significant other and feels like it is a compliment. Let them know that they have your full support, be their pillar of strength in hard times. “Any entrepreneur would agree on the fact that their start-up is like a child to them,” says Abha Mehra, founder of “It’s exhausting, frustrating. The person has no social life, and becomes a little incapable of talking about anything but work.”

Fluctuating emotions

Entrepreneurs go through a lot while they work. They handle everything in their company, right from the smallest to the largest issues at hand, which would get to their head sometime. They would be happy for a while, but a crisis, even a minor one can set them off. What helps is having a calm mind, helping them solve their issues if you can.

Competition for attention

While it may be hard not having as much attention and love as you used to before, understanding their situation and not let your patience run thin would help it run smoothly. It is easier said than done since we all have our limits, and crave for attention every once in a while.

Frequent traveling

To form more contacts for expanding their venture, or for reasons concerned to their business itself, your significant other would travel a lot. They’ll always be out on the road and you might have to learn to utilize the time when you’re alone.

Strong opinions

Entrepreneurs are known to have strong opinions. You might not always agree with what they say, but you’ll have to accept the differences in your opinion, even if they are not on the same page.

Living on the edge

Your partner likes adventure. When your partner is bold enough to take risks and make strong decisions on their own, every day can be a new adventure. They don’t like lazy people, so get ready to pull up your socks and get working if you want them to like you.

Look out for new things

Entrepreneurs are said to be the ones who get bored easily. They require something new to get them going, instead of a mundane routine. Spice up your daily routines by making conversations about something new, something that is intellectually appealing to them

You are loving someone who is their own boss, someone who can perhaps forget the need for company and affection. Dating an entrepreneur will make you love a little more. If anything else, you will learn a lot as a human and will grow. You might also learn to be able to enjoy what you have, instead of looking out for the inevitable break-up and who knows, someday you might introduce your significant other as a CEO who runs their own company!