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Dating an entrepreneur? Keep these things in your mind

Dating an entrepreneur can be challenging. These people are wired in a different way which is actually mandatory for them to be successful. Being with them can either be a rollercoaster ride or a completely unfulfilling experience depending on how well you can keep up with their lives.

  • They have odd work hours
    Since there are no fixed regular work timings, an entrepreneur can be seen working at 3 in the morning and not be in the work mode during the day. Their work hours depend on them. They do not have to report to anyone and their work timings are not like of the people working regular jobs.
  • They are frequent travelers
    It is also common that your partner will need to travel a lot locally, nationally, and internationally as their work demands. They might have to meet with vendors, investors, clients, and business partners. Availability of cheaper air and rail tickets makes it easier to travel long distances too. This may be a bigger challenge if the trips are long or frequent.
  • They are a passionate bunch
    They are highly passionate abut their work. Unlike regular workers, they love what they do. It is their own creation and they are constantly enthusiastic about it. They are also highly independent while working and tend to like independent people too. People who take charge of their own life are preferred by them rather than the ones who are dependent.
  • They have an irregular flow of income
    Since it is not a regular job, the inflow of cash can be sporadic and unexpected. There is no guarantee of monthly income and a lot of entrepreneurs would like to use the money to invest in their venture than in their personal lives.
  • They are risk takers
    Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Every step is challenging and every decision will have consequences. You may often feel that their ideas are crazy but without risks, they will not make it big.
  • They are crazy decision makers
    Your partner’s mind is working constantly and they often make decisions which may be questionable. Many times, they work on their gut feeling which is exactly how they have to as it is a novel experience for them and they have to be spontaneous.
  • They are high achievers
    They will always want more. They can be unsettling and would aim for things constantly. Driven by short-term and long-term goals, their mind is always working. Many times you may feel that they priorities their work over you but you should also understand that if they do not do this, they might not get where they want.
  • Please, No ultimatums!
    You can’t ask your partner to choose between you and their business. Both are entirely different and it’s not fair to ask them to choose. The challenges may reduce over time but you can’t expect them to change entirely. Their venture is their own and you should respect that.
  • They are curious
    They will tend to question everything and be inquisitive about even the strangest of things. They like to gain knowledge from everywhere and want to have their brains working at all times. There is hardly a dull moment for them as everything interests them.
  • They are punctual, maybe a little too much!
    They have a tendency of always being on or before time as every minute counts. They prioritise tasks and stick to deadlines. They also don’t like wasting time on less important tasks. At least during the initial stages of their entrepreneurship, they can reduce doing non-work related tasks so that maximum time is spent on their venture.
  • They have attractive personalities
    Entrepreneurs will always grab the spotlight. They are quirky and attractive. It is very common to see them attract a bunch of people who are hanging on to your partner’s words. They give out a chill vibe which people love. This also means that they can get the attention of the opposite sex so this may test your patience and you may end up feeling insecure.

It is important to be ready for such a relationship so that you are aware of the challenges coming your way. Don’t get involved with an entrepreneur if you think you think you will be unhappy considering how different a relationship with them can be as it can lead to mutual dissatisfaction for both. However, if you think you can handle the bumps, dating an entrepreneur can be a ride of a lifetime.