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Detox Drinks To Keep You Refreshed And Healthy This Summer!

The summer of 2017 is almost here and health freaks are working hard to have their summer bodies ready soon.

Summer also offers the best fruits and vegetables that are perfect to help the body fight the heat. These juicy, fresh and healthy veggies and fruits will be available at your everyday vegetable vendor.

While there are multiple detox waters available on the internet, we have complied our favourite four fruity drinks which are super easy that you can whip up at home which apart from helping you shed weight and make your skin GLOW, will keep your body COOL and help you in CLEANSING out those toxins. Sugar free and tasty!

1. Cool Minty Cucumber Fruity Detox Water

You will need 1 thinly sliced cucumber, a small portion of peeled ginger root, 1-2 sliced washed lemons and a few freshly   washed mint leaves. Add everything into a tall glass bottle or jug filled with water. Keep it in the fridge over night and consume it chilled the next day in intervals.


2. Fruity Watermelon Detox Water

Cut a few cubes of watermelon, wash a few fresh mint leaves, 1 washed sliced lemon and 5-6 slices of orange. Put every     thing in a glass jug or bottle and store overnight in the refrigerator. Consume throughout the next day. Dash in a few ice cubes and enjoy!


3. Cute Cucumber Detox Water

Take round 2/3rd of a cucumber and slice thinly into 20-25 slices (depending on the size of the jug you are using) and   about 10 mint leaves. Add everything into a tall glass jar or bottle filled with fresh water and keep overnight in your fridge to cool. Relish the freshness all throughout the next day!


4. Passion Pineapple Detox Water

Cut out cubes of pineapple and 2-3 slices of lemon. Store in a glass bottle/ jar of water overnight in the refrigerator.Relish the next day!



  1. Don’t just add lemon juice in the water. Put the thinly sliced lemons and mints in the jug or bottle for those extra nutrients!
  2. You don’t need to eat the fruits or leaves. Just enjoy the water!
  3. Use a glass bottle and not a plastic one. You can also use your mason jars!
  4. DO NOT add any sugar or salt! Enjoy the natural taste of the inredients!
  5. Don’t put ice while you store the drinks. You can add them when you are actually drinking your detoxes.
  6. Everyone has different taste so give yourself time and a few tries if at first you don’t like the taste!

Continue with these on a regular basis, along with a good diet and exercise for best results. Be patient- slow and steady wins the race!