Differentiating factor: MYNTRA uses futuristic technologies to enhance user connect

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Fashion is one of the largest and fastest growing categories in today’s e-commerce industry. Amid the inflated competition, online fashion retailer Myntra has started using data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) to help designers come up with patterns and styles in order to boost sales for apparel makers.

Powered by AI, these machine-generated designs have been tested with two in-house brands, Moda Rapido and Here and Now and have received a great response from their customers.

Chief Products Officer of Myntra, Ambarish Kenghe said, “Myntra is now looking at partnering with brands in India and other countries to license the software”. He also added, “Technology has been at the core of Myntra. We have a huge amount of data available in terms of what people are looking for, what they are actually buying and what they aren’t”.

Apart from using these futuristic technologies, Myntra is also looking at using augmented reality (AR) to enhance connect with consumers. It is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. The coolest feature of the augmented reality is to make ‘talking t-shirts’ for its Roadster brand.

It is also working on adding a feature to its app for consumers that can rate the user’s attire and eventually, help them don clothes that are in fashion.

Myntra was acquired by Flipkart in 2014, to strengthen its play in the fashion category. It is now using innovations to help differentiate itself from other players and is against an intense battle with US-based Amazon for leadership in the Indian e-commerce market.

Myntra, in turn, had acquired Jabong last year to consolidate its position in the Indian market.