Diva Di Lusso is an interior designing firm which creates furniture that is fully comfortable and stylishly trendy!

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Zeenat Qureshi, Founder, Diva Di Lusso Interno Pvt. Ltd

Diva Di Lusso Interno Pvt. Ltd is a luxury furniture and an interior designing firm, which is owned by Zeenat Qureshi. It has been 10 years, since the inception of the company and over the years, Diva Di Lusso has grown to great heights. The credit for the success of the company goes to the ever so sophisticated and a very talent interior fashioner, Zeenat Qureshi, who designs sublime high end furniture for her clients.

Diva Di Lusso

According to the self-motivated and enterprising Business Head of Diva Di Lusso, a good design is always simple and that is what makes it complicated. Zeenat tries to always make her work as beautiful as she can, no matter how big or small. This passion has been her driving force in starting everything from scratch and today she makes exclusive luxury furniture. She says, “It’s no longer enough to create spaces that function, that are obviously understandable and usable, we now need to create spaces that enhance the sense of being, that bring joy, and yes, beauty to people’s lives. It is a privilege to create beautiful spaces and I feel really blessed to be doing exactly that.”


Diva Di Lusso Design

Diva Di Lusso has an experienced team of highly talented and innovative professionals and one of the best aspects in taking furniture from Diva Di Lusso is that, the designers of the team take in ideas from their clients and then blend those ideas with their expertise. This makes for a great combination and the customer is always supremely satisfied with the finished products.
The Founder of the company has been successful in creating a high end furniture brand and aspires to be the top interior designer of the world one day. She says that to be successful, one needs to always work with passion and honesty.

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