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This Diwali your diyas shall be revamped and we’ll show you how.

With Diwali closing in on us and guests only a few miles away from visiting us anytime, we might tend to fret about lighting our home up in accordance with the festival of lights, but hey, there are many splendid ways to decorate our home this Diwali.

Lights, lights, lights:  Light is the element of this festival and hence we shall light away our home. Hang few fairy lights or paper lanterns, which are easy DIY crafts, at different heights for a layered lighting. Colourful lanterns of diverse shapes will throw different shades of lights, pleasing to the eye. You can also colour and design paper cups with various hues that will serve as mini lanterns while you get to showcase your creativity too.revamp diyas (1)Diyas: These earthen little wonders haven’t run out of style for ages and won’t ever. If you’re fascinated with the beauty of the raw mud diyas, then leave them be and light them in all your favourite spots of your house, in different patterns that pop into your mind.

For those who want a revamp of these traditional lamps, here are a few ideas to do so. The basic and simplest idea is to paint your diyas in every colour you own and draw varied patterns on them as you please. You can take this to a further step by gluing golden beads or stones to them for a touch of antiquity. Diyas also come in different shapes nowadays like flower, star, mango but if you’re interested in something different, then be prepared get all handsy for any lamp can be styled into anything you desire while all you need is some acrylic paint and M-seal (craft clay).revamp diyas (1)Candles: They can be considered as modern diyas and with scented candles making everyone swoon with its aroma, make use of them to your advantage. Your guests will be pleased for sure and it also relaxes everyone within its vicinity. You can try flavours like vanilla, rose, sandalwood, orange, lavender, marshmallow, etc. When it comes to candles, we’ll have to think about their holders too. You don’t want to match a heavenly scented candle with a plain old holder, do you?  Candle holders of various designs, looks like modern and vintage and materials, like glass and metal, are easily available in any décor store. You can match a vanilla candle with a metal holder with floral holes carved into them. You can simply create a candle holder out of a glass jar by drawing designs on it, painting it with translucent colours or layering it up with other craft materials. Candle holders can also be hung like paper lanterns, along the wall. Now shot glasses are also making a trend as holders. They’re small and will look cuter on shelves than the bigger holders.revamp diyas (2)To add a little spice to your diya play, you can place them along with floral rangolis too. You can place them in the centre or along the edges of the rangoli, making them complement each other.

So be it lanterns, diyas or candles, place them at the entrance of your house, by the door, along the balcony railing, mantels and stairway and light your home up. Show everybody that you’ve kick-started the celebration too and are on par with them. Happy Diwali folks!