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Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind this Holi!

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Holi, the word in itself fills us with excitement, enthusiasm, making us freak out with joy and forget all our worries by playing with vibrant colors all around. Holi, the festival of color symbolizes graciousness, harmony and is alike for all age groups, be young or old- go out and play with colors. But amidst this celebration and festive mood, certain things need to be taken care of and kept in mind to avoid running into any scuffle or repenting later. One doesn’t want the festive spirit to be dismayed by any accident, injury or worries.

So here, we have some do’s and don’ts this Holi to make it safe and happy for you and your near and dear ones.

Do’s for Holi

  • Use organic and natural colors to play Holi as they are not only safe for your skin and body but are also eco- friendly. We can’t afford to dismay nature in the excitement of playing Holi. With increasing awareness of harmful effects of synthetic colors, now many shops and stores sell natural and organic colors. But still, if you can’t find any, best thing you can make some at your home.
  • Avoid wasting excess of water as water is very precious and can’t be wasted for a single day event. You can use pichkaris instead of throwing buckets of water or using water- pipes to shower others.
  • It is always better to use colors in diluted form i.e. by mixing them with water instead of throwing them dry.
  • Keep the windows of your car closed while traveling if you don’t want to get bumped off by water- balloons.
  • We talk about women safety and harassment in succession but this needs to be taken care of while playing Holi too. All the girls and ladies are advised to play Holi with willing people only, who they are comfortable around.
  • For all the foodies whose taste buds and glands get activated when any festival comes, avoid overindulgence in bhang drinks or sweets so that you don’t repent later.

Don’ts for holi

  • Avoid metallic colors, eggs, mud or other junk which can harm you and others around you. Play safe, be happy.
  • If you do indulge in drinking, do so in moderation as you don’t want to get a hangover the following day.
  • Before pushing any of your friends or cousins into a pool, do ensure that they are up to it, sighting the number of health issues we are living with.
  • Don’t target cars to enjoy as it can be really dangerous for the person driving and more so if it is being driven at 100kmph.
  • Holi can be a great fun for everyone but not so with animals. Stay away from animals, whether pets or street ones. Holi colors can be really harmful to them.
  • Ensure that you don’t get into any ruffle while playing holi. Instead, keep it safe and have fun with family and friends.

Following above tips will, for sure shot, be your best holi. Be happy, be safe and have a blasting holi with colors and gujiyas.