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Dragons spit fire online, making the world shop like never before

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Haven’t we all indulged in the guilty pleasures of buying items that come at half the price but are the exact dupes of the items we want to buy ? The Chinese industry is synonymous with such products and has engulfed the world with its cheap yet diverse array of goods and services . The country has cocooned a variety of such industries and has conceived some of the most successful business in this dimension. E-commerce is the place to be right now and if one knows the reality it is the Chinese e-commerce sites that  are giving other companies a run for their money .  You may ask how ?

The Chinese digital market place is a magical chaos that abounds you with offers, discounts , dupes, content and yes, a  multiplicity of  choices . What comes off as a shocker are the knock off prices , a factor that lures the customers to visit these sites like how moths are drawn towards fire.  It happens to be a country with the most e-commerce activity in the world as of today . The digital market place is abound to grow 20% annually thus enriching a brighter future of such e-commerce sites .

Here is a list of the top Chinese e-commerce sites that will make you want to shop :

  • AliBaba-AliExpress

AliBaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce industry  founded by Jack Ma in 1999 .  It surpassed Walmart in 2016 becoming the world’s largest retailer , while operating in 200 countries as well as becoming  one of the largest internet companies . The AliBaba group launched AliExpress in 2010 to bring the Chinese small time businesses in touch with the international buyers .  You can find almost anything there and at cheapskate prices .It bagged the 1st position in the most visited e-commerce sites in Russia .

  • BangGood
Bang good

BangGood  was launched in 2006 that  initially focused on selling electronic goods but has now moved on to sell almost anything  you may need or think of . Offering over 70,000 ranges of products the company believes in the customer  getting its “Best Bang For Your Buck”. The best thing about shopping on such e-commerce sites is that it saves you from paying a whooping amount of custom duty which is a plus.

  • Dino Direct
Dino direct

Another leading cross-border Chinese E-commerce site is Dino Direct  . The products are sold at manufacturing costs thus upping the competition in online presence and sales.  Providing a wide assortment of good quality yet cheap priced products the site makes it a one stop destination for buyers to buy anything from say home and garden products to even a dog collar .

Jing Dong is another Chinese E-commerce industry that is giving AliBaba a tough competition . The company was previously known as 360buy . It was founded by Liu Qiangdong in July 1998  and the company went online in 2004 .  It started as a magneto –optical  store but soon diversified its products catering to a wider audience that way . It is the world’s  leading company in high technology and AI delivery  through drones and robots.

  • Taobao by Alibaba


The company was founded by AliBaba group in 2003 . It made it to the top 20 most visited sites in the world . It surpassed EBay and Amazons MV (Gross  Merchandise Volume)  in 2013 making it the country’s biggest online market place .  The sellers sell their goods through fixed price or through auctioning .

Some of the reasons that add to the advantage to such sites for the consumers and the sellers :

  1. Cheapskate prices
  2. The growth of the middle class which is to balloon over the next 20 years
  3. Digitalization: When we talk about this tech ripple, e-commerce takes the lead connecting buyers and sellers from every corner of the world and facilitating online business and turning an extensive shopping ritual into just a click .
  4. Low shipping prices and no customs make  these sites even more irresistible to shop from.
  5. Greater product selection
  6. Ability to compare prices
  7. Convenience
  8. An industry catering to one and all with one for all shopping platform
  9. Dupes
  10. Keeping up with the trends at half the price