Draped in saree this special woman robot of the world , presented speech in hindi at IIT Bombay

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robotIIT Bombay is the host of the biggest technology festival of Asia in the world today. On Saturday it was the second day of the program called Techfest, and was very special too. Saudi Arabia’s first female robot Sophia was presented to everyone in Techfest on Saturday. The special thing is that Sophia has been given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The surprising thing for the people was that women’s robot Sophia was presented in front of the people by wearing a sari, fully presented with Indian culture on stage. The people present at the hall welcomed Sophia with a lot of applause.

Sophia - the woman robot addressing the gathering

Sophia , the woman robot addressing the gathering.

People simply welcomed Sophia not only warmly but as soon as Sophia took the stage, the people played amidst applause. Apart from this, Sophia gave a speech for about 15 minutes on stage, which was in Hindi. Female robot Sofia greeted people by saying ‘Hello India, I am Sofia’. Some of the people sitting stood up and accepted Sophia’s greetings and applauded the courage.

About 3000 people were present in the hall to listen to Sophia. During this time Sophia talked to people on many human issues. However, due to a technical problem for some time, Sofia was silent on stage. However, the organizers removed the problem and after that Sophia started speaking again. It is not that during Sophia’s speech only she was the subject of discussion among the people, but after her speech, there were lots of discussions about Sophia.

Let us tell you that Robot Sophia is the world’s first such female robot who has been given citizenship of a country. Since then, this has been a topic of discussion in the science and technology sector among the students of the world. Sophia, wearing orange and white sari, highlighted various issues of India in the discussion session of Techfest. She said that India’s culture and diversity is its identity. The city, the buildings and the progress of various areas is remarkable. She said that instead of looking at people’s looks and comparing them, we should make our own identity different.

When the audience questioned Sophia about her visit to India, Sophia responded, “I always wanted to travel to India. I have heard a lot about this vibrant country’s tradition and culture. Indians have always contributed to the Silicon Valley and I have always been very excited about India’s investment in space technology. “