An economist to an entrepreneur: The story of global shoe brand, Modello Domani’s owner, Ayush Diwan Khurana.

When we talk about companies that are based on shoe designing, we usually tend to not know much about them. Moreover, if one had to make a guess, they’d probably assume that someone with a background in an artsy field started it. But here’s a story that’s going to change that assumption. This entrepreneur, is the owner of global shoe brand Modello Domani, and happens to be an economist, if you consider his economic background!

In 2010, Ayush Diwan Khurana discovered that the loafers that ZARA sold, were manufactured in India. This intrigued him, as it was shocking for him to know that a brand that has worldwide acclaim, had it’s shoes made in his homeland. Thus, he started researching more about this. Soon, he knew about the insides and outsides of the processing, manufacturing, exporting, etc. of the shoe industry. And before he knew it, he was all geared up to start his own shoe business.

Ayush Diwan Khurana, Founder Modello Domani

So what makes Ayush’s Modello Domani unique? Modello Domani has more than 100 ready-to-wear designs for men, and are launching designs for women, coming March 2017. They have a good social standing on Instagram and Twitter, which gives them an upper edge in the industry. They also ship globally, so it’s safe to say that they’ve made sure to establish themselves in the global market too.

Have you ever wanted a particular type of shoe, but couldn’t find it anywhere? Worry not, Modello Domani takes care of that too. Any style, any design, Modello Domani will have it delivered at your doorstep. Ayush has made sure that his brand takes care of shoes of all styles, be it luxury or daily wear. The rates are affordable too, because Ayush feels like there is no point of a great design if a customer cannot afford it.

Modello Domani has brand partners like Ajio, Amazon, Koovs, etc. Moreover, Ayush is extremely proud about being published in Forbes too, over this short span of time. The brand has been affiliated by a variety of celebrities, like Arjun Kapoor, John Abrahim, Guaran Doshi, etc.

Modello Domani Designs
Modello Domani Designs

Ayush is quite the optimist, as he believes that when it comes to entrepreneurship, Ups and Downs are constant. He recalls the times when they were all sitting idle, regardless of the fact that their best designs were on the website, ready for sale. But then he also proudly recalls the times, when everyone was busy packing the orders that needed to be shipped internationally. He believes that the struggle is endless and so is the hustle, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. Being his own boss, is something that Ayush describes as the best aspect of being an entrepreneur. He says, it’s only because he is an entrepreneur that he gets so many opportunities to learn a lot. He loves the financial independence, and getting to learn more and more about the business world. What makes a good Entrepreneur? Not blaming others for failure, but yourself, is what Ayush says. He believes that to be a good entrepreneur, one needs to think big, and think different.

Modello Domani Design

When asked about his future plans, Ayush affirms that they do have a lot coming up. Modello Domani plans to collaborate with other brands and designers to make shoes for them. They plan to expand the business by adding other products like travel bag, small leather goods, etc. Ayush says he is excited to work on making Modello Domani a big name in the global market.

When asked about the best advice he can give to fellow entrepreneurs, he says it would be to never give up. He says that if they have the passion for what they’re doing and are willing to learn more every day, nothing can stop them. It’s only when they learn, that they’ll be able to remove the L and Earn.

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