Employability Factors of a Business Graduate

Business is considered to be an activity of making money by producing or buying and selling products to an interested or an uninterested customer by making them believe that the product can somehow change their life. To achieve it, really efficient and smart people are needed.

Employability Factors of a Business Graduate

The potential employers look at various skills from a business graduate as the profit is heavily dependent on them.

Requirements: The following are the requirements called as a business graduate.

  • Candidates must have good interpersonal and communication skills on top of motivation and planning skills.
  • Candidates must have the ability to work in teams, be adaptable, should have the ability to focus on the customer, be flexible and have the ability to solve problems.

In recent years the degree, courses, and institutes have become more important than the above key requirements.

Key Skills:

The key skills that the candidates must have in order to differentiate themselves from other candidates are communication and leadership skills. They must show passion, be inclined towards action and be culturally compatible. Among all, communication skills have the highest priority as they play a crucial role in the fields of customer service, sales, and marketing but are becoming more and more important in every position of a business. Being passionate and motivated is one of the key factors searched in candidates by the recruiters as it shows that they have true willingness to work and make a difference. Other core skills that graduates should have are problems solving, decision-making skills, and the ability to research and investigate different data and sources. Cognitive skills such as analysis and critical thinking play an important role in the desired skills of a candidate. Personal management and time management skills are to be learnt before stepping into the world of business.

Graduate degrees for business majors:

  • Accounting: Here it helps to gain knowledge about the financial activities of a business or an individual and discovering how to make sense of the numbers in every transaction. Accountants learn to deal with money, and they often use that knowledge to provide their business partners or clients with valuable information.
  • Finance: Finance majors interpret financial data. They often use their skills to help companies or individuals plan for the future based on current information. It may be creating budgets or planning investments, so the people in finance need strong math skills.
  • Business Management and Administration: Business managers, administrators are the people who keep businesses on track with the help of their experience and knowledge.
  • Marketing: Marketing decides a company’s success or failure. It plans how to sell goods, price goods.
The chart shows the potential career paths and types of degree awarded in Business Studies.

Even if business graduates have done courses like B.Com or BBA just after their class 12 and are involved in the business domain for decades, the employment opportunity in India is lower than in other countries. These highly qualified people have better options outside India. Median salary provided in the United States of India to an MBA graduate is about 105 thousand dollar and in India, the salary is about 20 Lakh INR.