Entrepreneurship, from a blogger’s point of view.

Curiosity Cult Founders, Sulakshna Wadhwa and Seema Wadhwa

Our usual entrepreneur stories, involve someone who’s put themselves out there in the world through ways of providing a service or some product. But, what about those who have created a standing for themselves in the digital world? Today we bring to you, Seema Wadhwa, who runs her own successful blog on the World Wide Web.

Seema always saw herself as someone who would do a job, as a writer, and then keep stepping up, till she was the editor. But, 10 months into her job, she could feel that she was losing herself in all the chaos. That’s when Seema’s sister, Sulakshna, suggested that she should try doing something of her own. Seema was sceptical about this, as she never saw herself as the kind who would make an entrepreneur, but then blogging came into the picture, and she realized that she could be a writer and entrepreneur at the same time. And thus, her blog came into being. Her blog’s basic theme is about everything trending on the web, but she makes sure to keep it contemporary and keep it away from how mainstream content looks like.

As a blogger, Seema realizes that everyday cannot be a good day. She has also come to realize that not everything always goes according to her plan. She realized this a year back when she did not enjoy her job, which she was quite sure she would. She has come to realize that sometimes you have to just go with the flow, and not worry about what you planned. Her sister has always been her lifeline through all of this, and has kept her motivated throughout. Seema acknowledges her, and claims that she knows her better than she’ll ever know herself.

Her biggest achievement outside of blogging, has to be quitting her job. It took quite a lot of courage for Seema to quit her job, and taking up an extra role of an entrepreneur, along with the writer she already was. She believes that this helped her grow a lot, and make quite a few tough choices all by herself. She says that it was really tough to manage her bread and butter solely on writing, and even the idea seemed very dicey. But only because she’s managed balancing it, she’s been able to work everything out.

Seema couldn’t be happier that she has quit her job. She thinks her blog has helped her broaden her vision, and grow in multiple ways. It’s helped her meet and interact with new people, develop more skills, etc. Because she’s an entrepreneur now, she feels responsible too.

She claims that her biggest challenge is delivering content that is relevant to the reader. She thinks that probably a majority of the bloggers face this issues, but that she cannot write something which doesn’t relate with the reader. At the same time, she has to make sure her contemporary theme is still well kept.

Seema loves that she doesn’t need to wait for an approval from anyone. In print media, or other media, a writer needs to get the approval of the editor, the chief editor, etc. As she is her own boss, she doesn’t need go through this lengthy process, and thus, enjoys her liberty.

One advice she’d give to budding bloggers is to be passionate about what they do. Only when they love what they’re doing, will they get a response from the readers.
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