Explore the Striking Features of Salesforce DX & See the Difference!

You need to develop diverse and innovative business applications if you wish to gain success and sustain in this highly competitive digital marketing landscape. Online businesses simply cannot survive without effective applications. With these applications, businesses could perform a host of activities with utmost perfection. It is, therefore, mandatory for online businesses to develop superlative applications to forge ahead of the competition.


Salesforce DX is supposed to be a standard and open developer experience that allows you to build with all those tools that you enjoy working with including Selenium, Git, Sublime, Eclipse, and more. Salesforce DX seems to include an effective and fully-updated Eclipse IDE or Integrated Development Environment which would remarkably expand the toolset’s worth to developers.

Some online businesses simply cannot perform without these effective applications. We know that Salesforce DX is a truly robust and innovative application development platform that not only develops but also efficiently manages diverse business applications. Browse through, the most efficient Salesforce platform for perfect solutions.

Version Control
Professionals would be using Salesforce DX for different types of business tasking and developing online business management applications. This robust platform is known for offering exceptional version control feature and this seems to be the most striking feature of Salesforce DX. With effective version control now developers could successfully exercise control over collaboration, auditing, and disaster controlling and managing processes. These are critical to the successful running of businesses. Moreover, version control is essential for effectively chalking out a meticulous release plan. Thanks to the version control feature of Salesforce DX now users could easily build and release novel features.

Other Basic Features
Those who are conversant with Heroku Flow and would really find Salesforce DX simplistic and really comfortable to work with. Salesforce DX could be considered as an advanced version of Heroku Flow and It comes with certain unique, improvised, and innovative features.  It is known to offer migration seamlessly to the and provides a stable platform for application development, as well as, integration.

  • Continuous Integration – Salesforce DX offers a seamless integration process. You could carry on regular integration effectively with this amazing tool.
  • Scratch Orgs – These could be utilized by developers for developing the CI tools. These Orgs are known to contain Salesforce code and metadata. As such, the developmental workflow is speeded up. Salesforce DX has introduced a novel kind of Salesforce environment and experience in Scratch Orgs.
  • Source of Truth – This seems to be another amazing offering of Salesforce DX as it would be assisting the developers in dealing effectively with the proper development of Continuous Integration tools.
  • Test Runner– Defining test profile needs perfect execution by the developers and they would be getting that efficiency and ability thanks to the Salesforce DX experience.
  • Source Sync – With Salesforce DX, you would be having the advantage of syncing all source and metadata with scratch Orgs.

After getting a brief estimate of the various features of Salesforce DX, you can very well understand that this is a robust and highly effective application development platform, as far as, the developers are concerned. This comes with cutting-edge features, simple and really easy integration options. From now on development, collaboration, integration, disaster management, and risk factor assessment will become far more accurate once this advanced platform is deployed. Salesforce DX is the way to go because it offers various applications that would be adept at performing crucial business functions with élan and expertise.