FAQs Every Salvage Car Dealer Needs to Be Prepared For

No state allows cars with salvage titles to be driven on public roads simply because the cars have been deemed so severely damaged that they are not roadworthy. It is also for this reason that it is not possible to buy insurance for these cars.

FAQs Every Salvage Car Dealer Needs to Be Prepared For

Buyers of rebuilt cars have a number of concerns that every salvage car dealer should be prepared to address beforehand. Some common questions and responses:

What Is A Salvage Title?
A car may be given a salvage title if it meets with a severe accident, or is damaged so badly due to a natural calamity like a fire, earthquake or flood that the insurance company prefers to pay out the full value of the insurance coverage rather than pay for the repair. Typically, if the cost of repairs is between 60-90% of the value of the car, the insurance company classifies it as a total loss; however, the actual figures vary from state to state. Any stolen car that is recovered after the insurance has been paid out, may also be totaled and be available for purchase on online sites like A totaled car with a salvage title is not permitted to be legally driven on public roads.

How Does A Salvage Car Differ from A Rebuilt One?
A car that has been rebuilt or extensively repaired after it was totaled can be applied for a rebuilt registration if it fulfills the policies and regulations of the concerned state. Depending on the extent of the damage, it is quite possible for a salvage car to be repaired well. Even though the state regulations are pretty tough regarding the quality of repairs and the antecedents of the spares used for the repair, buyers should satisfy themselves that they are indeed buying a car that is safe and the repair quality is up to the mark. An expert mechanic can help you to assess the quality of the rebuilt car.

When Does A Car Get A Non-Repairable Title?
When a totaled car is so badly damaged that there is no possibility of it ever becoming roadworthy even after repairs, it is given a non-repairable title. These vehicles can only be dismantled and their spare parts sold off with the remains becoming scraps.

Can You Buy Insurance for A Car with A Salvage Title?
Since salvage title vehicles are not permitted to be driven on public roads, there’s no question of insurance for them. However, cars that have been rebuilt and given a certificate to that effect, can be insured. While the liability insurance can be purchased relatively easily, full coverage is difficult and costly as the value of the car is hard to assign. You must be prepared to shop around before you are able to buy insurance.

Buying a rebuilt salvage title car works out well when you have little money in your pocket and are prepared to live with all the downsides like suspect quality and difficulty in getting insurance. However, if you have the patience, you can really get a good deal which will make your efforts worthwhile.