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The Fashion Game you Don’t want to play: fashion trends that should never make a come back

Fashion is a game which everyone wants to play and ace it .However, there can’t be just winners and thus some make a miss. Fashion trends change every month and keeping up with these changes is tough. With 2017 reviving a lot many fashion trends from the yesteryears, here are some of the fashion trends we hope never make a comeback.

The Neon Trend:

It may be dull and dreary outside but the latest fashion trend will have you reaching for your shades

This highly luminous fashion trend established its visual hierarchy in 2011-2012. It took over everything, from Screen prints to plastic accessories. Everything was drenched in this neon rain. It did grab eyeballs but did look a tad bit tacky. It gets a thumbs up for sportswear but a definite thumbs down for anything other than that in the clothing industry.


Mullets hair style

This hairstyle was what the 70’s and 80’s were raging with. Pick any Hollywood movie at that time and you would definitely see any of the leads rocking a hairstyle like this. No doubt it was a great phenomenon at that point of time, but we have now grown to dislike any man sport a shabby hairstyle as this. With the man bun and perfectly gelled hair taking the cake now mullets are something that we really hope never make a comeback.

Deep V –Neck T-shirts for men:

Russell Brand was spotted dropping off a gift at one of the wardrobe trailers in New Orleans. He also gave gifts to several production assistants. He then walked around New Orleans wearing his trademark black scarf, sunglasses, black jeans, and leather cowboy boots. Pictured: Russell Brand Ref: SPL368330 070312 Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666
Deep V –Neck T-shirts for men

This highly unappealing piece of clothing was a hit amongst men in the early 2000s. However, the set-shirts do not shout ATTRACTIVE in any way. A definite no-no even today, this is a fashion trend that ought not to engulf the men’s fashion game ever.

Shell suits:

Fashion comes and goes, and comes back again
Fashion comes and goes, and comes back again

A trend that caught popularity in the 70’s and 80’s was the shell suits. It was a combination of windcheaters in NEON colours. These shiny, tacky and freakishly irritating noise creating suits are definitely not welcome to take over the fashion industry. The trend started in hip-hop and it took a lot of pains to bring this unappealing trend to an end.

Spandex jumpsuits for Men and Women:

Spandex jumpsuits

Here is a beauty trend that made people not only uncomfortable wearing it but also looking at people who sported it. This clothing trend was extremely tight and did not accentuate but rather revealed your body in a non-alluring manner. This saw popularity during the disco age which the rockstars wore while performing on stage.Here’s hoping no such scarring piece of clothing should ever make a comeback.

Clothing is something that we turn to, to express ourselves. A lot of what we wear reveals our personality.However, there are times when such expressive clothing does not work in our favour and thus should not be revived. Not only were these trends not appealing but also lacked crispness and were too diverse to maintain a greater longevity. No doubt some of these might still allure you but isn’t it time to move on to better things in life? We suggest simplicity and comfort coupled with fashion are always a great option. Here’s hoping none of these trends is revived sparing the world of another fashion disaster.