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Fashion Posters: Saying More with Less and How!

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Posters have been an integral part of the world history for a long time now. They have successfully communicated messages to the masses within a short span of time and also, reduced costs.

However, with time, the aim and scope of the poster has also widened. Now, posters are not just a medium to communicate.

At present times, a poster is designed, keeping in mind its ability to reach the viewers and the type of viewers who will respond to the same.

Nowadays, poster designing is an all-new field of expertise, with professionals using the latest software to make attractive and eye-catching posters.



But, Why Posters?

Posters are economical and are easily disposable. They encompass both a cult and a nostalgic appeal. As fashion ephemera, a poster has now become a deeply desirable asset. Many of the brands use them as a marketing gimmick in order to manipulate the minds of their target audience. Even more importantly, by the manner of being displayed on the walls, posters bring fashion closer to the more rarefied cultural cousin: The Art.

Fashion Posters

A poster holds an important as well as an elevated position in the fashion world. There is a long history of artists whose contributions have made the art into a powerful means of representation for the masses. In the current times, fashion is using the art in more or less similar way. Brands that send out fashion posters for show invitations have become a collectible item in themselves. The creative director of Loewe, Mr. Jonathan Anderson, sends across posters, designed with the creative partnership of M/M Paris, as a part of their show package. The fashion publications are often used as posters in order to give an extra dimension to their products.



Tips for Making Awesome Fashion Posters!

The most important information required for a creating an amazing fashion poster in knowing the audience and the product/service/event.

Only after that, the mood/ emotions/ reaction will lead an individual to choose colors, fonts and the graphics that would, invariably, complement the purpose.

Some of the tips for finding the best design theme in order to convey a message effectively and efficiently are:

1. Choose the Color Carefully!

The color is considered as one of the important aspects of the design. The colors help in building energy, elicit a mood and strike a chord with the audience. Depending on the topic of the poster, the colors can be subtle, bold or romantic. One can actually go all out experimenting with the colors.

It never disappoints! One needs to, however, ensure that the chosen colors work well together.  Another suggestion is to make use of blocks of solid colors.


2. Experimenting with Typography

A lot can be conveyed in a fashion poster just by the correct use of fonts.  If the topic is a serious one, Bold Sans Serif can be used. Elegance can be enhanced by using an Italic Serif, while playfulness or fun can be expressed by using a loose handwritten font.

While selecting the fonts, an individual should choose at least two different styles — one for the headline and the other for the body.

3. Create Visual Hierarchy
The posters should not only grab attention but also be a quick read. One must rank the information in the order of importance.

4. Create A Clever Composition by Using the Negative or White Space
Making one image from another image is like magic. The end result is always amazing. Remove all the unnecessary elements and say more with less.

Fashion is an art form! Fashion posters frequently make incredible bits of wall art. Great selection of shapes and unique design will make your work more engaging and interesting.