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The Festival of Fasting Turns Fun: Ramadan Targeted as the New Way of Upgrading Economy!

The UK has geared up a plan to make its people more enthusiastic and zealous about buying and shopping. The various supermarkets and brands are progressively aiming at the Muslims observing Ramadan. According to a recent research, this has apparently given rise to the exuberant expenditure on food and gifts during the month.

The Festival of Fasting Turns Fun: Ramadan Targeted as the New Way of Upgrading Economy!

In areas with a majority of Muslim population, chains of supermarkets, malls, and brands are steadily extending items and products, displays and special offers on popular food commodities. MAC cosmetics, the Body Shop and Godiva chocolates are some of the brands specifically packaging goods as Eid gifts. Undertaking such initiatives had upgraded the Ramadan economy in the UK with a worth of least £200m.

Ramadan is an entire month-long Muslim religious ritual, which starts in the middle of May and ends with the Eid al-Fitr holiday. The Muslims in United Kingdom want the festivals to be recognized even more by people all around the country because according to them festivals like the Chinese New Year and Diwali are celebrated with greater pomp and joy. They believe that it is high time to willingly accept the festivities celebrated with Eid and Ramadan.

Various shopping centers and malls are taking the initiatives to host functions and events in lieu of the festival. They would include cultural shows with fashion walks, food stalls, performances by known artists and numerous offers to build up public interest. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy report, the worldwide Islamic economy is forecasted to be valued for more than £3 trillion by 2021. Presently, it is growing at nearly double the rate of the general worldwide economy. The sector has under it the different divisions like halal food, Islamic finance, halal travel, modest fashion, halal media and recreation, and halal pharmaceuticals and, which form vast market in themselves.

We all know what a revolutionary country the UK is. So, there is no doubt that even during ceremonies and festivals, the need to work and study in a continuous flow often makes things complicated. The absence of an official holiday in the place makes the festivities of Ramadan and Eid stretch over more than two weekends. The holidays are a bit disarranged, unlike in the Middle East and hence, the Muslim citizens have to celebrate the rite of fasting along with office work and examinations and the traditional visit to family and friends spread over weeks.

In the results of the study that was mentioned earlier, it was found that almost two-thirds of Muslims make financial arrangements for Ramadan and Eid. They mostly worry about the importance of concentration and the issue of dehydration during the month-long fast. Most people are conscious about their health and this, the gyms in the areas adjust their timings to maintain a proper routine among the members during the time of iftar, the sunset meal that breaks the fast, and the pre-dawn meal named suhoor.

Over the two meals, varieties of food is consumed by a majority of the British Muslims, with combinations of chips and chicken, the popular ones among the youth. Exchanging gifts, shopping for new clothes, eating out and family gatherings are considered the most important components of the Eid holiday. Donations to charitable institutions also escalate considerably during the month of Ramadan. The JustGiving website recorded donations to Muslim charities boosted up by almost 500% over Ramadan last year.

Thus, the Islamic month of Ramadan seems to be upgrading not only the economy of the country, but also a culture of merrymaking and frolic among the British Muslim community.