Discover the inclination of Fitness Industry 2018 – Your Key to the biggest trends!

The fitness industry 2018 has measured miles to reach the present state of modernisation. From the akhadas of Haryana to wrestling being a part of Olympics, from Mahavir Singh Phogat to Geeta Phogat training in NSA.


Bodybuilding and powerlifting as personified by “muscle master” Salman Khan, have become more efficient with the help of trendy “apparatuses” used in gyms.



With India’s economy on course to be the world’s fourth fastest growing, and under 25s making up almost half its population, the region’s burgeoning wellness industry is full of potential.


The health and fitness industry in India is poised at an inflection point, with high market fragmentation, stupendous market potential and end-to-end overall growth. Several new models are coming into force to disrupt this industry but it has set itself to overcome hurdles in its path.


Today, the fitness industry in India is chiefly driven towards health, well-being, good looks and confidence. Resistance training, aerobics, zumba, aerial yoga, pilates, MMA, kickboxing etc. – you name it, Indians are doing it!


The market is looking up in India, thanks to today’s fast paced, hectic life-styles which seldom allow a person to workout actively or follow a well-crafted fitness regime. Now gyms and fitness studios are on people’s smartphones. The trend is encouraging people to take out time from their busy schedules and visit gyms or follow a strict workout routine.


Let’s dive to check out what is in store about the upcoming biggest fitness trends of 2018:


LIIT: We all are well aware about the HIIT workouts which have been a part of 2k17 throughout, but, this year “LOW INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING” is sure to replace it. People are still fond of the high intensity workout which provokes lot of calories to burn therefore its counterpart is willing to get the limelight.


As the name suggests it provides the same benefits with low intensity and though it burns same calories but takes 20-30 minutes extra.


Boutique Boxing: Muhammad Ali fans are not the only ones hopping in the ring to train “Thrilla in Manila’ styles. Celebs, models and every-day athletes are shuffling into new studios like Rumble, in impressive and astonishing numbers. And when they can’t hit a bag, they can do it at home with programs like “Kickboxing”.


Have you ever thought why this is becoming the trend setter? Well this plain simple as we are living in tremendous stress and anxiety and hitting a bag or throwing forceful air punches using torque of whole body is amazing release. Pay attention! Physics will never leave your life. Above all sports based exercise do not make physical workout monotonous.


Functional training: This is nothing new, but emphasize more on enhancing strength in all planes of motion. These workouts let you train yourself for the every-day chores and tasks that require your actual strength. It improves coordination, balances endurance and many other things in the body, leading you to healthy life.


Group Personal Training: While we have group training, group personal training is something of an evolution among these existing trends. This variation will help many fitness lovers work together, save a lot of money and get a one-on-one experience with the trainer, all in a single package.


The idea seems to be very cost effective as well as fun from a fitness perspective. Naturally friends and are a vital part of life and it will be a most cherishing experience to do physical training with them.


Revved-up Recovery: Over the past years, workouts like HIIT and Crossfit have encouraged us to dial up the intensity, but 2018 is going to be all about slowing down. Instead of “killing ourselves” and facing complexity of a bad figure and thus indulging in over rated workout we will see more intelligent programming that includes recovery.


Wow programming has taken its place in fitness as well! HIIT is just one part of a workout giving performance parameters but the other part is recovery. Recovery is multifaceted and includes taking short breaks from exercise, sleep etc. they are all a part of overall health.


Chilling and getting “HOT”: This is not a training to give you a hot figure but instead is a part of recovery training. “Cryotherapy” is continuing to gain popularity for post workout recovery. Proponents of this therapy believe that freezing temps can help speed up muscle recovery and reduce inflammation by constricting blood vessels.


While fitness enthusiasts work hard and concentrate on getting fitter, it is also their muscles and other parts they need to improve some care and attention to. Cryotherapy and Infrared saunas are making their ways into the fitness industry as the potential ways to relax the muscles and the other exhausted body parts as a result of extensive training.


Virtual reality workouts: Newton could never stop himself from experimenting and so is the case with industries. Virtual workouts are becoming a reality. We all have indulged in video games with an added factor of virtual reality and now the trend is shifting to the fitness industry.


Studios are going immersive with their experiences. This means a yoga studio with sound bath and spin studios are converting virtual reality into fitness classes. This is a consequence of creative minds to gain profits in industry.


Meditation: This activity hit it big in 2017 and is gaining more importance in 2018 as well. As far as India is concerned meditation is a part of our culture since historic times and no doubt it is the most soothing and effective way to stay healthy, but is really tough to work on. Not everyone has the concentration power similar to Vishwanathan Anand!


While we are moving with the times, it is important to note that there never was a dearth of ideas in the fitness industry. It just takes the right attitude and approach towards our body to pick the best fitness activity for ourselves.


While the fitness industry is not staying behind in bringing the best forward, it is the need for people to wake up and get going with their fit sides.